Practices For Overcoming Obstacles


Life, no matter what stage you're in, will have obstacles. That's the beauty of it; there's nobility in the process of the work that you do. Many believe that with higher prestige, whether that be financial standing, political prowess, or desired relationships, will bring life without obstacles. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

The true joy is the pursuit of excellence. Without the toil and turbulence that comes with the pursuit, the end goal wouldn't be worth it. By running away from obstacles, you only create more obstacles. So in reality, the bravest thing one can do is accept the obstacles that come forth with their desired goal. Without flinching, having a steadfast mindset, going full forward into the obstacles, you will accomplish not only your desired goal but in such a way that is admirable when looking back in the rearview. 

Many times in life, we ask ourselves, our creator, our spirit, the question of, "Why me?" Only to later down the road realize that those events that we resented at the moment were precisely what we needed to propel ourselves forward to a new destination. Life does not happen to you; life happens for you. The questions that you ask yourself will develop your world view and perspective on life. This world is so gorgeous when looking through a lens of appreciation. Appreciation for the struggles, mishaps, and obstacles will give you more understanding of this life we live in. So a list of best practices would go as follows: 

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Examine the situation that you find yourself in.

3. Understand where it is that you're trying to ascend to.

4. Appreciate everything that happened to this point.

5. Take massive action. 

Best of luck with your obstacles and blessings!