Prove Your Naysayers Wrong

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

“That’s impossible!” “You could never do that.” “That doesn’t seem like a good idea.” If you’ve ever heard these words you were more than likely set back by them especially if it was your first time hearing them. If you’ve ever heard those words, the chances that that person was in a place where they could say they were successful are little to none. Even if you’re one of those people that say “words don’t hurt,” this still has been at the back of your mind.

As entrepreneurs, we know mindset is EVERYTHING. Most of us have routines for when we wake up to motivate us to hustle, books we read, things we say to ourselves to build our confidence; but just like many things in life, there are road blocks. Most of them are in the form of people. Many people don’t have a winning mindset. Why? Because they were told by someone that they wouldn’t find success.

We tell our young that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up! Astronauts, Rockstars, Paleontologists or even the President. As our young get older, the same people that told you that you could be anything are now telling you to “be more realistic.” They’re telling you to stop dreaming so big because YOU CAN’T DO THAT. If you ask any of these people why they’re saying these words, they will give you a blank stare and tell you, “Well, I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem possible.”

The fact of the matter is YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THAT!! Don’t let someone who never achieved their dream step on your fire. You are more than capable of achieving whatever it is you have set your mind to. Are all dreams easy to achieve? No. Some will take more time than others! And as much as we’d love to prove our naysayers wrong, we must stay focused on the prize ahead.

It is important to realize that we shouldn’t think badly about these people. It has now become your job to show them a better way. Show them that you CAN do what you set out for as well as the fact that THEY CAN, TOO! Become the light they were denied. You are a mover and a shaker and there’s not been one mover and shaker who didn’t hear those things. YOU CAN DO IT.

Be good to yourself and the people around you! Keep hustling.

Najja Gandy