Pursuit of Success



Success is happiness (finding oneself) and power (wealth) working as one. Here’s why I feel this way: Today we live in a society where the people are trained to be machines, looked down upon by peers for our human characteristics, and where the confines of society’s norms trap the youth.

Dreams and creative ideas are put down because society doesn’t deem them as becoming “practical jobs” in the “real world.” We are taught to value our job, financial security, and the approval of others rather than teaching financial literacy, finding yourself, what you love, and going after it.

In order to have power, you must first have happiness. You must take a step back from society and see who you are, what you love to do and be knowledgeable about yourself. After doing so, everything you think about, everything you do, every move you make will all be done with passion and finesse, because you know what you want and who you are.

You will create opportunities, and you will execute because you want to. As opposed to the majority of the people in the world who fell into society’s trap. These people do everything as if it’s a chore with zero enthusiasm because they haven’t realized they want more in life than working, eating, and sleeping.

Some of us fear taking risks because we do not know ourselves and move without passion. For example, a “happy” person would choose to go on a journey. They’d take in any obstacles the journey holds, let it shape them, and persistently move forward because they know they want it.

Everyone is born, but not everyone has started his or her lives. Before any great startup, you must first start your life, which begins with finding yourself. So now I ask, what will be your next startup?


Daren Sam

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