Restaurant of the month: LOLA 55


Has life ever taken you in a completely different direction than you would have ever imagined?  Frank Vizcarra, a serial entrepreneur, founded a chic taco emporium called LOLA 55 in late August of this year after hopping off the corporate train.

Vizcarra reconstructed the European, African, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Island markets or McDonald's in the early 2000s. However, Mr. Vizcarra was never on the search for advising the top executives of major corporations like McDonald’s, The Coca-Cola Company, and many more.

Frank Vizcarra was a soccer star who led his college team at Ohio State for four years, he then played professionally on numerous teams for four more years. Vizcarra said, “I really wasn’t looking for business, I wanted to get a job in a PR or marketing agency…” After six months of business testing in a management training program, Vizcarra was appointed as a manager of Pizza Hut. That is where his business instincts kicked in.

After helping others build their businesses for so long, Frank wanted to own his own business, a taco shop of some sort. So, he and his team conducted two years of nationwide research and finally opened LOLA 55 at Idea1, in the East Village of Downtown San Diego. “LOLA” is named after his mother, who shared her secret rice and beans recipe as well as taught many of the employees how to make tortillas from scratch. The “55” is the year Frank was born.

Understandably, there's an unprecedented amount of passion shown in merely just the name. But when you get to the tacos, that's where LOLA 55 stands out more than any other taco restaurant. This restaurant is so unique because it is chef-driven and no two dishes are the same. The culinary team prides itself on utilizing only the freshest ingredients. Every taco has its own sauce, flavor, and kick; yet is still full of the ubiquitous cilantro that gives it the fresh, authentic Mexican taste. It makes me feel right at home. Vizcarra describes LOLA 55 as, “A cool place where you are going to come in, kick back and have a great meal at a reasonable price,” and that is precisely what this place is!

Did I mention they have a bar?! The full bar features an impressive array of 52 agave spirits, and the selection is growing each day. Behind the bar, Gareth Moore has crafted a well-balanced list of cocktails complete with Aguas Frescas and regional flavors including Jamaica and Pasilla salt.

Whether you’re coming home from work or going out with friends, LOLA 55 is the perfect place to go and have some authentic tacos and drinks.

Hope to see you there!

Leandro Brandao


Leandro is a ‘Teenpreneur’ whose passion is saltwater aquariums; which have helped him through many tough times. Leandro started an aquarium cleaning service in San Diego called, Reefalicious, as well as co-founded a clothing brand for entrepreneurs called “Enspired.” Leandro pioneered the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) Club at his school and is now a director at multiple schools. He helps fellow students like him who have the burning desire to start their own business and pursue their passions successfully. He aspires to be the person he wished he had when he was younger.