Restore Your Faith


You’re not going to like what I’m about to say. You’re probably going to stop reading this article after I’m done telling you something that you’re not going to like. But, if you’re still holding on to something that gave you a bad taste in your spirit or in general, then maybe you should restore your faith in the person that has hurt you. It’s not about getting the forgiveness, but it’s about seeking peace within yourself and your situation.


Yes, I’m telling you to go deep inside and ask yourself, how you should forgive. It’s hard, and I’m not telling you it’s a walk in the park, but how anything can help us move forward in life is by seeking forgiveness. Hate is a strong emotion, and it’s super wasteful to the human spirit, but is it really worth using your energy for hate when you can use your energy to empower someone with your story? Once you fully forgive, then it’ll be easier to forgive others who have hurt you.

Seek Thy Self

Once you have mastered the step of forgiving others, then you want to start seeking yourself. Loving yourself is one of the best things to do, but understanding yourself is extremely powerful. The power of understanding of yourself is seeing your values, knowing how to effectively listen and communicate with others, and loving others the way you want to be loved. Seeking yourself is a treasure that is unfortunately hidden until we have been hurt. Like they said, no pain, no gain.

Just Live

Live like there is no tomorrow! You not only know how to forgive, but you know yourself so much more and not only do you know yourself more, you love yourself more than you ever did. But, what happens when you master those 2 keys….2 words……..YOU LIVE! Live your dreams and have no worries in the world. It’s incredible how we care so much about the little things, we forget the finer things, and that’s our damn dreams to live. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish, set a budget, and go live the things you want to achieve.

Restore your faith in yourself and be able to forgive because I promise you when you accomplish that, you’re 50% further than 97% of this world.


Dominic Cruz is the CruzIN Social Media Marketer, ex-professional hip-hop dancer, & college graduate at SDSU. He has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Every day there is something new in the world of social media and there are multiple ways of getting paid using social media. It's the platform that brings you exposure and with more exposure is more opportunity to bring in GUARANTEED revenue.