San Diego Most Impactful Non-profit Finalist: Triple B Adventures

Triple B Adventures

Mission statement: We seek to give veterans and active duty military advice, mentorship, fellowship, and networking opportunities to help them transition and survive the civilian wilderness.

Triple B adventure is an outdoor veteran community that focuses on hosting events that get veterans and their families off the couch. One of the founding members found that after he left the military as he continued to go camping, hiking, and fishing he found that many other veterans wanted to join him. While some see camping as a hobby this was a time for bonding, venting, and healing. Whether it be getting away from the hustle of the city, or the bills on the counter, Triple B adventures aims to provide a space where veterans can come together in brotherhood. While San Diego is the only location, Triple B Adventures wants to scale to a national brand with chapters all over the United States. Each and every veteran that comes to Triple B Adventures gets something different out of these adventures, that is what the B, in Triple B stands for. Whether you get bullets, bonfires, of badassery, you will always leave with a feeling of brotherhood. But for the most part, what they see is veterans just enjoying being away.

One of the events Triple B was honored to partner with is the Oceanside Silkies march. This march helps bring awareness to the twenty-two veterans that commit suicide daily. nearly eleven hundred people marched through Oceanside to help bring suicide awareness and action against suicide.

Triple B Adventures has some unique challenges though, specifically finding land to camp out, and host their adventures. Although San Diego has many scenic locations, Triple B hosts many veterans with disabilities, so they have to find land that caters to people providing help for those with mobility restrictions. But seeing the community and brotherhood being formed is one of the most rewarding feeling the Triple B team gets. Being a word of mouth company, we are so happy to help share Triple B Adventure’s amazing goals and vision! if you or someone you know wants a community filled brotherhood Triple B is the place for them!

If you want to get involved with Triple B Adventures, become a sponsor, donate, or attend an adventure Visit their website, or connect with them on social media.

And remember “Get the Buck Out There”


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