San Diego's Most Impactful Non-Profit Finalist: Autism Resource and Treatment Center

Autism Recourse and Treatment Center

Mission statement:

ARTC will bring resources and treatment together for all ages on the autism spectrum to help them live their best lives.

Autism Resource and Treatment Center is one of our two finalists! This amazing non-profit focuses on gathering all resources and treatments for children and adults on the Autism spectrum, it’s basically your one-stop shop for autism. ARTC started with two young boys Luca and Micah. As a mother with two boys on very opposite ends of the Autism spectrum Tracy Sekhon wanted a place to go to help her find resources.

Tracy decided to make a difference and sat on the board of directors for separate nonprofit as well as helped run a support group for mothers with children on the spectrum. But she noticed that many people had the same struggles that she did. At every point the same questions seemed to pop up, like

“where do I find resources”

“what treatment is right for my child”


“ what is going to happen when I am not here to support my child any longer?”

So Tracy decided to do something about it, this is when ARTC was formed. With the purpose of providing an easy option to search for resources, and treatments. This isn’t only a place for children, ARTC provides services for all ages.

We got the pleasure of interviewing Tracy not only about what ARTC does, but also what brings this amazing non-profit joy. We chatted about how though working in ARTC Tracy has gotten to see the truly given heart of those around her. People who she would have never thought would be involved, are now some of the biggest supporters. She feels like this is so amazing because so many people can be involved, and find more passion and purpose in their lives. Tracy believes that each person is supposed to live with the feeling that they have a purpose, and is so happy that she can help provide a platform for people to feel this way.

While this non-profit is amazing, it is only two years old. They are still working on building their network and bringing the ARTC vision to as many people as possible. Right now they are still in the fundraising phase, to build the ARTC building, so their service providers can finally become part of this big project. ARTC wants to get the word out so they can help as many people as possible! SO if you are interested in helping in this amazing cause visit their website and learn how to volunteer, become an Autism ambassador, or donate!

“If you know one person on the autism spectrum. you know ONE PERSON on the autism spectrum.”


Facebook: ARTC San Diego

Instagram: ARTCSan Diego

Twitter: @ARTCSanDiego

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