Scaling is Progression Visualized

Scaling is Progression Visualized


Our reactions are the reflections of who we are and what we are choosing at that moment. I say, “at the moment'' because we are constantly changing. Scaling, in turn, is also a reflection of our beliefs - what WE believe.

Why do you want to scale?

My immediate answer would be to help as many people as possible. Yes, this is true, although at the end of the day what we logically want is to increase profit and have passive income so that we can do more of what we love. So what is stopping us to sell and to serve more? Our beliefs? Our fears? Our insecurities?

Our beliefs affect our desires.

I cannot stress enough the utmost value of who you surround yourself with everyday. These are the people that will expose and challenge your current beliefs. I was at the casino with my mentor and discussed the topic of delegation (one of many ingredients to scale). This moment gave me what I needed to believe and to desire differently. One of the keys to changing your belief is a new understanding, and to find a new understanding is to seek it. Right now, what belief is stopping you from scaling?

Our fears affect our thoughts.

The emotion of fear will never go away. At most times, this ‘fear’ lingers in our mind just like the blowing of the winds. As a graphic designer, one of my fears is if I outsource parts of my work that it wouldn’t look or feel like my work, and I may lose clients in the process. To counter this fear-thought, I ask this question, “How can I make sure that my vision of this art work transpires and what do I need to do?” The more I worked with my team the more confident I got that outsourcing will not take away the quality for my clients and it's still completed by me. What tasks are you doing that you think no one can do but yourself? With that, what can you do so that you can outsource it?

Our insecurities affect our involvements.

The feeling of not being enough or being INcapable of what is assigned to you is heavy and paralyzing. To be in a leadership position is probably the most challenging for me. There are so many moving parts starting from your higher-ups down to your team and anything in between. Recently I had an opportunity to experience a small dose of horse therapy session. This was a fascinating and impactful experience for me. I just learned how horses are very in-tuned to your emotions and how you are being, meaning you can’t fool them LOL … I experienced on-hand of me ‘thinking’ I’m leading vs. ‘LEADING’. A great reminder that our commitments and taking responsibility for every decision we make will free-up ourselves from worrying of what others will think. This will give us more focus to stay in our lane and enable us to do the best we can to succeed. What decision do you have to make that some may not be happy about, but it’s the best move for you at the moment?

May all the aspects of your life scaling!


Jennifer Meim


Jennifer Meim is a Graphic Designer who works with Entrepreneurs to transfer their vision into fruition. Jennifer has a natural gift of being in tuned with her clients to understand and to see their vision. For at least a decade, Jennifer have supported and worked closely with founders and CEOs to launch their ideas from table talks to tangibles. Jennifer is a self-taught designer, and continuously strive to learn especially with new technologies. Her creative soul and genuine love for people makes her one of the most approachable, dependable, and trustworthy designers in San Diego.