Don’t Let School Get in the Way of Your Education

Mark Zuckerberg, Sara Blakely, Ellen Degeneres, Walt Disney, what do these names have in common? Time. Time is precious. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But what is the differentiator that sets these individuals apart from everyone else? They’ve learned to leverage their time and increase productivity by continuing education.

Now, I’m not talking about getting your masters or Ph.D. I’m talking about self-continued education. The way that these icons became successful is that they’ve learned that in order to be successful, they needed to be a master at what they do. Zuckerberg taught himself how to code by reading “C++ For Dummies” at the age of 12. Over time he continued to master his craft and eventually used his skills to create Facebook. Sara Blakely, started her business with only $5,000 while selling fax machines. She had no idea how to start a business. She was willing to make mistakes and use that as a gateway to learning from what she didn’t know in business. Her $5,000 startup turned into the billion dollar company, SPANX.

How can I do this for myself? The secret is to find out how your brain processes information because everyone learns in a unique same way. Some find it easier to read a book, and others find it easier to listen to an audio, or watch videos. There are some that thrive from being around others, while others like to disconnect and thrive by flying solo. Whatever it is that allows you to be present and do the things that are most important, do that. I like to call this “being in a state of flow.” By being in a state of flow, you’re more aware of the things around you, and you are more likely to be productive and thrive.

The next step after figuring out how your brain actually learns is that you have to take action. Often we go to a conference or workshop and learn all of the materials. But after the event is over, no action is taken, and the material that you’ve learned becomes useless. For the material to be useful, you need to take action. Zuckerberg, Blakely, Degeneres, or Disney didn’t become famous from their idea. They became famous from the actions they took from that idea.

So in order to get more out of life and continue to level up, be a lifelong student.

Rommel is an expert at being LIT. He believes that anyone can achieve mastery using the principles of Learning, Implementing, and Teaching. His goal is to empower and teach people to focus on the skills that they already have, and adapt them in a different way to start businesses of their own.