Sculpting Out Your Vision


“For your loving kindness is before my eyes, and I walk in your Truth.” – Psalm 26:3

At the turn of the 16th Century, a young man no older than 30 years old, walked through the dusty courtyards of the Opera del Duomo.  He was eyeing an enormous block of marble which two sculptors had previously worked on and rejected due to its many imperfections. After circling the exceptional block of marble several times, a slight smile formed on the young sculptor's face.  He enthusiastically accepted the challenge and shortly after, he began forming with his hands what he had envisioned in the courtyard. After 3 years of tireless and passionate work, the young sculptor, Michelangelo, unveiled his masterpiece, David, which would become the most famous sculpture the world has ever seen.

What is your vision?  I am not talking about what you see with your eyes, but rather what you see with your heart.  What is it that is in your mind that you have decided that you will walk towards? You see, Michelangelo might have seen a block of marble.  Maybe he saw the rigors, trials, and difficulties he will have to overcome. But one thing is for sure though, he envisioned David. According to archives, Michelangelo's endeavor in creating his masterpiece was no simple task.  And yet, he did not give up, but walked towards and completed an extraordinary work of art out of that which others thought was imperfect.

Now, we are not limited to only having one vision.  In fact, we are capable of having many levels of visions.  The highest vision I hope all will come to embrace is the vision that David received from God.  In Psalm 26, David, being aware, wrote of and acknowledged the unchanging, undying, eternal, and everlasting love of God that was before his eyes.  Not only that, but his vision caused him to be free, to live, to move, and to walk from victory to victory in his life by abiding in the Truth. Nearly 1000 years after David wrote this, his vision manifested in Jesus Christ, who continues to live in the hearts of many.  God's vision is to make a perfect work of art out of you and will complete it only through Jesus Christ.