See Beyond The Now


If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?

Nobody wants to be overweight, unhealthy,  lazy or broke. These are all characteristics that creep in when we lack a vision for our life.  Creating clarity in who we are and what we value allows us to turn uncertainty into probability.

Probability is not a guarantee. There are no guarantees; not even of tomorrow; however, the more detailed we are with the blueprint of where we want to go and the impact that we want to have, the more our vision becomes a reality. When our vision is real to us and not just words or pictures, our discipline grows into desire and the obstacles that would otherwise defeat us, don’t stand a chance on a scale against what we are capable of. Our purpose becomes the deciding factor of our daily decisions.

It’s easy to say “I want to be successful,” “I want to be fit” or “I want to have a good relationship.” Who doesn’t? But to make our vision a reality, we must first define what that looks like to identify what it will take to achieve. What do successful people do on a daily basis? What does a successful marriage or business look like? What does it feel like to be healthy and strong? Instead of scrolling on social media, and watching other people’s lives, spend time designing your own life. Assess the areas you can improve and then filter your life accordingly. Remove anything that is holding you back.

There are no magical Mondays where all of a sudden because you are motivated, hard work is easy, waking up early is fun, and junk food just doesn’t taste good. Hard work will always be hard, but it becomes rewarding when you know what you are working hard towards. Jumping out of your bed at 4am is never going to be easy (especially when it’s cold outside), but waking up with a purpose and direction outweighs the immediate, yet temporary discomfort. And let’s be real, junk food is always going to taste good, but the satisfaction is fleeting.

A flower cannot grow in a box and neither can we. We must jump outside of our comfort zone and out of what we can currently see. Expand. Grow. Adapt. Clarity in our vision creates clarity in our decision. We must fail to succeed, but failing forward is key. To know which direction forward is, you have first to define where here is... What does your current life look like? How are you spending your 24 hours? How does someone with the qualities that you value spend their 24 hours?

Be honest with yourself. Get clarity on who you are! Meet yourself where you’re at! And, put in the work!


Lacey Byrd is a Health, Mindset and Fitness Professional who coaches high performing entrepreneurs to maximize their potential through maximizing their health, mindset and function. She believes that the better we feel, the better we perform in all areas of life. Moving from a small town in Oregon to San Diego, California with 2 suitcases, her husband and a dream 4 years ago, she has now helped hundreds of men and women, both locally and nationally, transform their lives. Her passion to help inspire, motivate, and challenge people to achieve their greatest potential is a top priority and she believes everyone has another level they have yet to reach. Lacey is extremely passionate about growth and development. She practices what she teaches her clients and has grown her business and influence as one of the top in her field through relentless action and the pursuit to better herself and the people around her at all times. She has not yet done her best work, so keep your eye out!