Servant Leadership

Leading Yourself


One of the most useful and important skills that everyone must possess is none other than self-discipline. This skill is vital in practically all aspects of a person’s life. People know its importance, only a few really take actions in strengthening it.

Contrary to popular belief, this trait is not about being harsh to yourself or leading a restricted and limited lifestyle. Self-discipline is all about self-control, a sign of inner strength and having full control of your reactions, your actions and yourself as a whole. Self-discipline endows you the power of sticking to the decisions you make and following them through with no need to change your mind and therefore, making it one of the most crucial requirements to achieve your goals.

With this kind of skill, you can persevere with all your plans and decisions until you reach them all. This will also manifest itself as your inner strength that will help you to combat addictions, laziness, procrastination and letting you follow through in everything that you do. Among its primary characteristics is the ability to reject instant pleasure and gratification in favor of a bigger gain that will require spending more time and effort to achieve it.

There are challenges in life that will block your way towards an achievement. For you to rise above all the challenges, you need to act with both persistence and perseverance. Having self-discipline is something that can lead to self-esteem and self-confidence, and as a result this will pave the way for satisfaction and happiness to come into your life. Conversely, when you do not have self-discipline, this can lead to loss, failure, relationship and health problems, obesity as well as other issues.

It is also a skill that can come in handy for overcoming addictions, eating disorders, drinking, smoking, and other negative habits. It is important that you make yourself to exercise your body, sit and study, develop brand new skills and for spiritual growth, meditation, and self-improvement.

People are aware of the benefits and importance of self-discipline. The gap happens when you do not take action in strengthening your self-discipline. Like any muscle in your body, the more you exercise it, the stronger that muscle gets. So, before you go off the deep-end here are some easy starting exercises. Remember these actions are small changes that you can do, but with dedication and a willingness change.

Simply put, self-discipline will help you:

  • Avoid impulsive and rashly actions.

  • Overcome procrastination and laziness.

  • Fulfill promises that you make to yourself as well as to others.

  • Go to your gym, take a walk and swim despite your mind telling you to just stay at home and sit in front of the TV.

  • Continue working on a certain project even way after the first rush of enthusiasm has already faded away.

  • Overcome your habit of excessive watching of TV.

  • Continue with your diet and resist the temptation of eating foods that can make you fat.

  • Wake up early every morning.

  • Meditate regularly.

  • Start to read a book and finish this up to the last page.


Gary Vienna originally hails from Berthoud Colorado. He has had the honor and distinction in serving this great country as a United States Marine.  After twenty years serving his country, he retired and began a new chapter in life. Gary went forward with his skills in management and Information Security/Technology to serve the Christian Church. Through this experience he has gained experience in several disciplines. At present Gary continues to server a large part of Southern California by delivering clean and reliable energy.

Gary has been married for nineteen years and is still very much in love with his bride. Through this union there are two children the bear the name Vienna. Gary is very proud of these children and is proud to call them son and daughter.  Gary has traveled extensively to Europe, India/Asia and the Middle East. Through this travel Gary has meet people from all walks of life. These experiences helped Gary to grow enormously both professionally and personally. Gary holds a Master's in Information Systems/ Security. He has published several articles and loves to teach.