Set Yourself Free


Do you ever find yourself feeling awkward, tense, stiff or even frozen solid when you are in new or vulnerable situations like a networking event, speaking on a stage, or going out on a date? 

Here is an excellent exercise that will assist you in breaking free from your prison cell (body) and experiencing more freedom! 

Let's Begin:

Breathe in and breathe out. 

Liberate your mind. Feel your mind open to new possibilities.  Losen your lips. Relax your jaw and allow your lips to spectate gently. Unchain your heart. Maybe you've been hurt, and it feels heavy or hard. Breathe in, feel your diagram lift, and your chest expand. Unbind your hands. Do you have to hold something in your hand to feel comfortable?  Relax your wrists, lengthen your fingers, and feel the energy come down through them as your arms relax at your side. 

Release your hips. Bring your breath down to your lower belly. Breath in and expand your belly out. Now feel your hips open. Exhale and draw your belly in, repeat for 30 seconds. Unshackle your feet. Roll your ankles a few times around in one direction and then the other. Squeeze and release the toes. Like the fingers free the energy coming down through the feet. Now breathe in and breathe out. Find your whole body relaxed.

Be mindful of how you are walking; look at your stride. The placement of the feet, and intentions of your steps speak volumes about who you are, what your thinking, and feeling. 

Even with this one exercise, you will experience a sense of well being and a new found freedom within your body. 

This is just one of the exercises I include in my 6-week online program designed to enhance your body awareness, boost your body confidence, and increase your self-confidence. I look forward to hearing how this one exercise has helped you! 

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