Sharing Is the Key to Success


Tired of seeing sponsored posts in your Facebook newsfeed? You probably are and so is Mark Zuckerberg and everyone else at Facebook. Nobody likes to be sold to. In 2018, sharing is the key to success.

In the next few months, you will start to see big changes in the way information is delivered on Facebook and then on Instagram. The changes are designed to mirror the way we are exchanging information in modern society.

The most immediate change is the creation of two newsfeeds: 1) Friends and Family and 2) Explore. The Friends and Family feed will be news from your friends and family. The Explore feed will include sponsored posts, news from pages you like and everything else. The user will have to click back and forth to see each feed. In beta testing conducted in several European cities, users hardly ever clicked over to the Explore tab.

This change may seem like the end of using Facebook for small business marketing. But what if your friends and family helped you spread the word? According to the Nielsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 92% of users trust recommendations from friends more than anyone else. So how do you get your friends, aka customers, to share your posts? Each post must either entertain, educate or inform.




  1. Entertain - 60% of users use social media for entertainment. Funny videos, gifs, FB Live, behind the scenes are great sources of entertainment. Find YouTubers and bloggers in your industry you can partner with.

  2. Educate - Inspire and motivate your user. Build a community through FB groups, host a webinar, become the expert in your field and educate your customers.

  3. Inform - Inform your customers about things happening in your industry, in your business, and in your community so they are the first to know.


Advocacy is the name of the game in 2018. Whether it’s your employees sharing your posts or your customers, sharing is the key to success. You need to form relationships with advocates so they share the posts. Advocates can include your employees, your customers, bloggers, Youtubers and anyone else.

Employee advocacy programs will be uber important in 2018. Your employees should love where they work and what they do so much that they want to share it to their network. You may need to remind them, teach them or in some cases motivate them to build the habit of posting. You should also set up guidelines so employees know what they can share and perhaps what is off limits.

On the surface, the changes at Facebook may appear negative for small business. But if we look deeper, the changes align with our sharing economy. And in the long run, it may put your small business smack in front of the right customers at the right time and from a trusted source.

Stephanie Antin


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