She Influences


Let’s be honest. Without her, the influence and guidance she had for me wouldn’t be there. She encouraged me to be brave when situations went sideways. Thankfully, she was there every step of the way even when she was 3,000 miles away when I was younger. The way she hugged me was breathtaking. The way she comforted me when I was hurt was incredible. The way she is…..amazing. You probably have a good idea about who I’m talking, but if you don’t, she’s my Mom!

She is the only woman I know that is not only strong as hell physically, mentally, and spiritually, but she is a great example of what I call a leader.

I’m going to share a couple examples of why my mom is a strong, influential woman.

Her love

What can I say, she is a bundle of joy and welcomes people with open arms. Any time you meet her, she will let you know that you are welcome to talk to her, hang out with her, or even come to the family outings. She’s always smiling and if she sees you down, her presence is all you will need because she’s a bundle of joy. The best part about her is that she is selfless and she cares a lot about others because she knows that other people are just as important.

Her Guidance

Now I will say this, there have been times where I was hard headed and I didn’t want to listen to her guidance. But, those times I didn’t listen…..well, let’s just say that I should have listened. When I wanted to drop out of college and just follow my own thing, she reminded me why I was in school. She reminded me that building the foundation was going to be important in my future. Well, she wasn’t lying and she helped me every step of the way to get to where I wanted to be.

These examples are why I consider my mother a very strong, influential woman in my life. She was there to guide me through college, dance, and life. I wouldn’t be the man I am without her because the way she influenced me helped me become a leader and helped me impact other people’s lives.



Dominic Cruz is the CruzIN Social Media Marketer, ex-professional hip-hop dancer, & college graduate at SDSU. He has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Every day there is something new in the world of social media and there are multiple ways of getting paid using social media. It's the platform that brings you exposure and with more exposure is more opportunity to bring in GUARANTEED revenue.