Sometimes You Have to Look Like A Headless Chicken


How many of you can have suffered from the debilitating condition - analysis paralysis? The first time I went bungee-jumping, I realized that I was not scared of the immense height or the fact that I would be free falling; No - I was scared that I would look stupid when I fell, that I would flail like a pancake free falling. There were three other friends behind me (Casey, Jenn, and Kristen), so I didn't want to be the first person to back out.  

Side story - when I was twelve, I was presented the opportunity to bungee-jump. My little sister went first, and like the daredevil she is, then proceeded to launch off the pad fearlessly. I, on the other hand, went all the way to the top and began to cry... They kindly lowered me down, and I have been ridiculed by my family ever since.

Fast forward to seventeen years later, and I was in the exact same position. Leaning over the edge of the platform thinking about how silly I would look when I jumped. This time I was committed regardless of the outcome. Then a solution came to me. Jump backward!  If I look at the ground, I am more likely to overthink the jump and flail like a headless chicken.

I slowly turned around, closed my eyes, and listened to the instructor countdown 1..2..and I JUMPED! Well, it was more of a graceful fall, like when a guy gets shot off a rooftop in a movie. Super dramatic, but it looked much better than what I was anticipating.

What does this have to do with starting up a business? A buddy of mine and myself decided one day to start a residential moving company. I have moved about twenty times in my life, so naturally, I thought I was qualified. We had a couple of problems right away.

1) We did not have the capital to buy a truck so we would need to rent one.

2) We did not have the proper tools or the knowledge of how to complete a move correctly.

I thought we would look like pancakes falling off a building when trying to pull off our first move. And... that is exactly how we looked. We did not have any of the proper moving equipment to keep fragile things safe or the tools to carry large items. We broke a very expensive dresser and a lightbulb within the first hour. It was not pretty, but we persevered and apologized profusely. We completed the move, and all of us had a good laugh about it after (including the client). Although that first move was rough, we reinvested to get the proper tools and applied the lessons we learned to make our next steps a complete success.

You will never know precisely how things will turn out. Don't worry if you're ready or not, because you will never be 100% ready! The fun is in the experiences and the lessons along the way. Whatever you are putting off for tomorrow, just freakin' do it now! Tomorrow is not guaranteed...


Evan Dolezal


Evan Dolezal is a speaker, certified relationship coach, and affiliate marketer. He is passionate about helping Coaches to effectively market their business and generate compatible clients. He moved to San Diego from Chicago with his Fiancé five years ago for the weather and to start his entrepreneurial journey.