Stand Out From the Rest in Business & Love

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

If you look at business relationships like love relationships and apply some of the same principles of winning to both, you stand a much greater chance of winning the client and the business you are setting out to attract.


Be a stand out. What separates you from the pack of hungry wolves vying for the business you long for? Reality is there are many people and businesses offering identical services and products. Yes, we are asked to identify that which makes us uniquely different and sometimes that’s possible. But not always; at least not on the surface. Winning the client begins long before you are given the chance to close the deal.


So how do you stand out? What would you do if you wanted to catch the attention of a guy or girl who has caught yours? Remember, vibe attracts tribe first off; so what’s your vibe? Are you positive? Optimistic? A problem solver? A server? A helper? Or are you more “what’s in it for me?” instead of what’s in it for “she or he”? Be real with your answers here.


All too many times I have attended networking events where business cards are thrown in my face for services I would never need. There are few if any inquiries by the person tossing cards. There is no time spent finding out what I do need so they can then realize that while I may not need what they are offering, I may know people who do. That’s the magic of networking. Find out about people. Become a person they believe cares so they can fall in love enough to want to help you build your business.


The lost art of courting also applies to business and love. In a world where there are apps like Tinder and Bumble and sites like POF and Match, people move through life swiping right and left and virtually communicating based upon pictures and “their best self-pitch.” I get it. Lives are busy and online dating is the new norm. But it’s not really dating until you meet. And when you meet, if there is a connection, there is a follow up. Same goes for business! Don’t expect that you exchange cards and suddenly you are in a relationship. No, you are not. You are courting. You are not even dating at that point. Put the work in to express your interest and desire to know more about their business, their character, their needs so you can best serve them.

Know, like and trust. You have heard it before. Your business is like love. Build these key factors and then ask for the date. If you get that far and you like what you learn, be sure you follow up with gratitude. Be authentic. Be real. And give more than you expect to receive. You want to be remembered for over delivering, not for hit and runs.

Chris Kelly


Chris Kelly A manifesting boss babe and international life coach for entrepreneurs. She helps clients clean up their personal life distractions so they can create, manifest and live a life they love while pursuing their business adventures. As seen on/in HuffPost, The Seattle Times, RedTricycle, The Swaddle by MIC and the author of three books.