Starting Up Communities


There are countless communities of like-minded people all around the world with specific focuses. If you are someone who would like to start up a community of your own, you must first decide what that focus or shared passion is that you want the core of each person in the community.

If you are not in the particular stage that you want to be in, then you must find someone who has achieved the goal or goals that you are aiming for. You do this so that they can assist and mentor you along the process until you are fully capable of to achieve the same results and are able to pass on the knowledge that you implemented. This way you can avoid or confront many challenges the right way instead of slowly figuring out things on your own.

An example of this process can be someone who is aiming to create a car club. By having someone who knows more about cars and maintains them for a living mentor you, you can avoid many mistakes.

In order to do this you must first figure out what type of individuals you want to be surrounded with; in this case, it would be people who share the same passion which is having cars of similar styles but also uniquely designed. Then as the one starting the group or community, you must lead by example which would be having your own car always looking nice and fresh and ready for presenting. Once you have established yourself, then you can help those around you who are aiming towards the same goal that you have accomplished in order to able to serve them as part of your community.

By serving those around you and embracing each other as a community, your actions as a leader will influence others to do the same. Once this is done, the community will grow exponentially while still having a tight connection between its members through their shared passion.


Arturo Antunez

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