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    Every entrepreneur's journey starts with a decision. Casey Martin's journey began when she moved to LA to study design. But she had no idea the chain of event that would drastically change her course. Growing up, Casey studied ballet, and for seventeen years she loved it. But soon there was a shift. Casey moved to LA to study design and came out with a line of handmade bikinis. Through her years in ballet, she believed that she knew how to keep herself fit and healthy. But just like so many entrepreneurs she found herself struggling with her health. 

    Soon she made a decision to put her health; first, she would enter a fitness competition, she found herself a coach and worked incredibly hard to reach her goal. But finding a coach is something that varies from person to person. She discovered that her coaches style didn't quite mesh with hers, and became very ill. From that point on, she decided it was time to learn about her body, so something like the wouldn't happen again. Casey ventured farther into the world of fitness and became a certified personal trainer. This helped her find the right plan for her, and take control of her health once again.

    As her business began to flourish, she found that she no longer could continue making her bikinis by hand. This was when her future husband Dan came into her life. With one question, her life would change again. Dan asked her between her business and fitness, which was her passion and which was her hobby. Casey found that her passion was fitness and dove in. She began as a personal trainer at Equinox, then started her gym, now she is looking to make a more profound impact. If someone like her who had was involved in fitness her entire life found it challenging to take control of her health, how difficult must it be for those who know little to nothing about fitness? 

    This was when Casey made it her mission to impact lives through speaking and social media platforms. By providing information simply and understandably, Casey can literally help people all over the world stay alive. Going through such an intense journey to find her passion, and ultimately reclaim her health, Casey found so much information from every which direction. This is a widespread problem today and can lead to people feeling overwhelmed and even giving up. 

    But don't worry! If this sounds like you, it's ok! The first piece of advice from someone that has been right where you are is don't get overwhelmed. With fitness, there are so many quick fixes and so many options out there for you. But just like what impacted Casey was that it only takes one decision to start. Pick one thing and start there because every journey begins with one step. Finding one thing to add, or subtract from your life; to live healthier is a great place to start! Once you start, you can master that level and continue to add as you level up! But it starts with the decision to better yourself. 

    This is why Casey has invested so much time to building social media that can inspire you and help you find practical tips for your life. Fitness isn't a one size fits all journey, so finding something that works for you is the most crucial part. A great place to star is with Casey's EBook, where you can hear her full story and one small step that can put you on the track to fitness.

    There may be ups and downs in your journey, but that's ok! It's completely normal to go through rough patches in any journey, especially fitness. But the hardest times in your life are a blessing in disguise. Through these times you will grow stronger and find that if you come to that rough patch again, it will be easier to work through. So even though you are in a hard time in your life, know that this will make you stronger, look to the future, and how you will come out a better person. 

    To learn more, and work with Casey, find her through

Casey Martin


Casey is an entrepreneur, gym owner, social media expert, and award-winning speaker. Casey's been featured in Forbes & Huffington post on multiple occasions for her work in the health and fitness space. She's been globally recognized as being in the top 1% of Instagram influencers in the fitness industry!


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