Staying True To Your Word


What does commitment mean to you? There are different ways you can define commitment. My definition of commitment is following through with your promises. Sticking to your word and being in integrity can lead you to big SUCCESS. Why? Because no one wants to connect with someone who is just “all talk.” That person will never be successful in life. A person that is always respected keeps their word no matter what. Even if that person knows they won’t follow through with an absolute commitment, that person will announce it to the other person they made a promise to. Now you ask yourself, Why integrity? I’ll tell you why!


For myself, I noticed every commitment I made to someone whether it was for a relationship or even business impacts a whole lot more than just to that person. Let’s just say if I don’t follow through with my word; I automatically lose power in myself. Even worse, I lose some of my self-confidence. Whatever you’re committed, give it all or nothing! If you go half fast in your commitment, chances are whatever that commitment that was made will end up failing. That’s just how it goes. It will impact you with a loss of trust by the other person. No one will see you as an influential person anymore.


This is true in so many ways. Let’s look at a bicycle wheel for example. If one of the spokes is missing on a wheel, the bicycle isn’t going to work. PERIOD. Even if the smallest thing is out of integrity, nothing will work. It’s either 100% of nothing. If you are out of integrity with another person, clean it up by acknowledging the broken agreement. Followed by the impact it made to you and that other person you committed to. Concluding with what new agreement you will put in place, so you don’t break your word again. Be accountable to what commitment you said yes to. Be very accountable to whatever comes out your mouth.  


One of the best things to ever happen to a person is to be looked at as a truly reliable and responsible person. The only way to get to that level is to dominate your commitments. More significant responsibilities will come in abundance. The bigger the commitment, the bigger the pay off! That’s just how it is. There’s no way you can’t ever grow as a person if you are taking on more significant commitments and following through on each and every one of them. Growth will lead to extreme leadership. There’s no doubt about that. Don’t play small in life and build into you have the most significant commitments coming!


Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jonny is making it a mission to influence many around the world that are going through suffering by teaching on topics such as Meditation, Abundance, Mindfuless, and keeping a peace of mind. While discovering meditation back in 2013, life changed for Jonny forever. He has worked in countless marketing/sales positions that helped positioned him into Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With a background in the nightlife and finance industry, Jonny’s main goals is to connect deeply to those who need healing in their life and guidance to be a happier person.