Step by Step


The beautiful Greek Island of Santorini in the Aegean sea was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century thus forever shaping its rugged landscape. Santorini has two towns Oia and Fira which cling to cliffs above an underwater crater. It was here that I learned a precious lesson about commitment. There are two ways to get to the towns; one way is to ride up the cliff in a cable car, and the other is to ride a Donkey up the arduous stairs — 587 steps. Before my friends and I made our decision, a gift shop caught our eye. As I paid for my souvenirs, I realized that my bank card didn't work. I forgot to inform the bank that I would be out of the country and I would not be able to access my money until the next day. I hung up the phone and looked around for my friends, but they had disappeared. After tirelessly searching I concluded that they must have taken one of the two ways up.

Quickly I thought up a third way up the cliff; the climb. I would attempt the accent by foot with no cash, no water and a fear of heights. I felt fit, confident and committed. Before long I was halfway up, I began sweating, breathing heavy and I was thirsty! I had to pause to catch my breath. I took a moment to look out over the cliff, down at the vast, beautiful deep blue sea and as I stood there in amazement, I realized my great accomplishment of stepping through my fear of heights. I made it 587 steps! I looked around and saw incredible white buildings with blue roofs. The smell of fresh seafood permeated the air, Five-star hotels, wineries, and more waited for me. For a split second, I thought about going straight back down the 587 steps because I was afraid that I might my not find my friends.

"You will always have choices: your commitment versus your fear." -Sammy Davis Jr.

However, if I allow my fear to choose for me than I would have missed the opportunity to experience something new, I decided to enjoy where my commitment took me, and after a few hours in paradise, I had to begin my descent.  Sunsets in Santorini are known for being some of the most beautiful in the world! And I felt so extremely blessed to have been able to witness one.

Soon I was back on our cruise ship and ran right into my friends. I told them I walked up to Fira to find them. They told me that they never made it up and had just stayed in the gift shops. I was committed to finding my friends, and with a single step, I was open to going on a journey not knowing where it would take me but having faith and the commitment that I would reach my destination in the end.



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