Stop Fearing Lives

If you are an online entrepreneur, probably feel pressure to do live broadcasts. If you are like I was a few months ago, you have many fears stopping you.  

You might be thinking, What if no one watches? What if I mess up? I should only go live if I have something life-changing to say!

I felt the same way until I broke through my fears and began. Know this about me, I did not wait till I had fancy equipment, lighting or backdrops. My ultimate goal with going live is to: show up, be known, and be trusted.

Let’s overcome those fears:

Fear 1: What if no one shows up?  

GOOD!! Start before you have an audience and practice in front of your family and friends who will support you even if you look like a goof!  This is the time to practice and get more comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t hesitate to use that handy-dandy delete button whenever necessary.  

Please don’t be one of those people who waits for people to show up before you start.  I’ve seen people wait up to 10 minutes to begin, waiting for “enough people to show up before they start.”  

I’m sitting here waiting, actually interested in what you are going to say but you are waiting for other people to show up before you start?!?  No, open up and start within a minute or two max.

If they miss something important, either repeat a short version or tell them to watch the replay.

Fear 2: What if I don’t have anything unique or inspiring to say?

Know this about any audience:

1) Most people are not concerned with you as much as you think they are.  If they stop to watch you, they are interested and mostly not judging you negatively.  

2) They generally don’t mind being told the same types of things in a new way.  Share something you watched or read from a podcast, book or article, give the author credit, but put your own spin on what you gathered.  We all borrow and adapt old information.

3) Your audience wants to hear from you. They want to feel like they know you. It is hard to build credibility with an audience around the world, but if you are willing to put yourself out there, risk looking silly, and begin overcoming your fear, then you will grow an organic and genuinely interested audience that trusts you and looks to you as an authority.  

Live Broadcast Ideas:

Do a 5-day training on your topic.

Answer commonly asked questions, common misconceptions, or mistakes.

Make a challenge or competition with a friend to complete a task with a funny consequence you do live (I did this; you’ll have to see me swallowing a whole spoonful of chili powder)

Tell a funny story, mistake you made at the beginning of your career or broadcast a fun weekend.

But more than anything, have fun, stay positive, and enjoy yourself!!  

Jessica Moody


Jessica is an Online Course Curriculum Consultant and a proud Veteran Marine. With her MA in Education, BA in Literature, 5 years as a secondary English teacher, and 10 years of experience in curriculum development, she has learned how to help entrepreneurs create successful online course curriculum, in-person workshops, or full teaching or speaking programs which build true connections and life-long clients.