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Education Isn’t Just for the Classroom


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Whether you’re book smart, street smart, or both, the experiences which have impacted the way you think, act, and feel are part of your education. By that definition, you are already a highly educated individual who has something valuable to share with others.

Personally, I’ve participated in over eight years of formal post-secondary education and spent ten years teaching in the public system. And, yet, I attribute much of what I’ve learned to my life experiences outside the classroom.

Here’s what I’ve learned about ‘everyday’ education and how it empowers you to become a visionary leader.

When you teach, you learn.

It’s inherent in the definition. Education is the giving or receiving of instruction. I’ve learned far more by sharing, leading and mentoring others than when I’ve been the student.

When you are in the position of being the educator, you receive an education unlike any other.

Be generous with what you know. Shift your thinking from, ‘I’m giving up my secrets’ to, ‘I’m about to deepen my mastery and reveal even more secrets!’

A great teacher (or coach) believes that the students have (or will discover) all the answers themselves.

A great teacher doesn't have all the answers. Rather, they know where to find them, and, more importantly, they know how to lead others in finding the answers.

During my tenure as head of a music department, one of my colleagues had a very strong belief in allowing students to fail. I came to understand that failure, especially in controlled conditions and under the leadership and care of a teacher or mentor, provides the best education.

I am known for saying “fear = opportunity.” Failure also equals opportunity.

Think about it. Especially in performance-based situations, wouldn’t you rather play out all the ‘failure’ scenarios before the final presentation or task execution?

Flight Attendant training (yes, one of my careers) is largely based on disaster scenarios. We are trained through multiple simulations designed to have us learn by figuring out how to succeed in situations where failure is the most probable outcome.

Sometimes failure provides the best education and allows for people to have their own experience. Create opportunities for others to fail, and, in turn, grow.

A great teacher is one who knows how to learn. A great leader is one who knows how to inspire others to lead.

It’s not about you and what you know. Education is the opportunity to empower and develop independent thinkers, and the beauty is that it doesn’t have to take place in a formal setting.

A great teacher is also a great leader, and while you may have knowledge, experience, and the title, the point is actually the process of learning and the experience you create for others in order to lift them up.

Take a stand for the education of others. Lead and inspire with outward focus and create opportunities for experiential education.

When you teach others to learn, you become the go-to leader in your space!

Davide Di Giorgio


Davide Di Giorgio is the Co-Founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, Founder of the UNapologetic Speakers Community, Creator of the Speaker Experience at Sea, and TEDx Coach. He is on a mission to deliver VISION and positive transformation around the world. As a longtime theater producer, creator, educator, and visionary leader, he takes an UNapologetic approach to creating community, connection, and change that shatters the mold of following formulas and blueprints, and has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose leaders with big ideas worth spreading who want to go from being unheard and uncertain to UNforgettable and UNstoppable Speakers and Global Thought Leaders. www.DeliverVision.com