The 5 Point Guide for Making An Awesome Social Media Marketing Plan


Social media marketing is continually evolving, and the businesses who succeed are those who adapt to these changes to grow a loyal and engaged online community. So, what is the “secret” to their success?  

In this how-to guide, you'll learn how to craft a social media marketing plan that can help you achieve quality ROI (Return On Investment) for your business goals in five simple steps.


A common mistake among new entrepreneurs is defining their target customer within such traditional demographics like age, gender, marital status, place of residence, etc.

A more efficient approach here is to put yourself in your customers' shoes. What are the reasons why a particular prospect would be interested in your product? What are the factors that can influence them with their decision?


Concrete goals are the best goals. This is the reason why identifying your social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential- you'll be able to gauge or measure the success of your marketing efforts in concrete terms and improve your strategy as needed.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to build a larger Facebook community around your brand--- so you decided to create a private Facebook group for your customers. The metrics to measure here include the number of group members that you have, your group's growth rate (per unit time), the number of posts made each day, how much engagement is being made on the discussions, and the content that you put out, etc.


The more social networks you're on, the better, right?

Yes and no. Targeting every single social network on the Internet today is not the best strategy if you want a coherent social media campaign. To help you decide which social media platforms are best for your business, here's a rundown of who’s hanging out on the web's most popular social networks:

Facebook, with its 2+ billion users, is the usual top contender among social networks. Baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials- they're are all on there- making it the perfect all-in-one platform if you want to cast a wide net at the start of your campaign.

Instagram users are predominantly millennials.

LinkedIn is the most "formal" among these networks, attracting seasoned professionals and C-Level executives.


This is where the when, where, what and how, of your content marketing strategy will come into play. What are the kinds of content that you want to produce (articles, videos, infographics, live video, animations)? When will you publish them? WHERE will you post them (Facebook, LinkedIn, your own website)?


The defining word in social media marketing is SOCIAL. Engagement is a two-way street, and it is crucial to convert followers into customers. Once you've got your marketing campaign groove going, it's time to measure your progress. Using the KPIs you've earlier identified, take a step back and see if you're improving or not.


Alex Cameron

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Alex Cameron is the Founder & CEO of Signature Social Marketing. Her goal is straightforward- to help serious business owners leverage the power of digital marketing to close more sales and get more clients. Alex has marketed for and consulted a diverse client portfolio ranging from Fortune 500 companies to new age business ventures. Alex is the best selling author of 10 Profit Accelerating Strategies from the World’s Most Successful Business Coaches. She is also a marketing professor at San Diego State University and Digital Marketing Instructor for SCORE San Diego, a partner of the Small Business Association.


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