The Art of Feeling Gratitude


A while ago I watched “The Shift”, by Michael Goorjian. I remember the first thing that Dr. Wayne Dyer did at the beginning of the movie.

After waking up and still in his PJs, Dr. Dyer set both feet on the ground and repeated:  Thanks, thanks, thanks.

What a way to start the day!

His voice was warm and peaceful, I could feel it, the transformation inside out coming from the word, “Thanks”.

By now, I am pretty sure you’ve heard about the strength of being grateful, how changing the way you see the world can add or subtract in your life. Most of the successful entrepreneurs I know start their day with gratitude and meditation, putting themselves in service to others.

Let me ask you, my friend, what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up? What are the first words coming from your mouth? How do you start your morning?

Imagine starting every morning counting your blessings, closing your eyes and letting all those images fill your heart with gratitude. One by one, your family, the people who love you, your work, having a roof, a bed to sleep at night, food on the table, health, your senses, even the air you breathe or water to drink or a shower. Just by having the last two of them, you are part of the smallest minority in the world.

It is your choice, what do you want to put inside your mind, how do you want to structure your physique and feed your soul and heart. The way you see the world is entirely your creation and how from that perception, you get to choose how to describe every moment of your existence. I want to share a story with you that I heard many years ago.

Two men were working in the construction of a big church somewhere in Europe, a third man walked to the first worker and asked him what he was doing; the first worker said: “I am putting one brick over the other to build a wall.”

The same man walked to the second worker and asked the same question, but the answer was completely different: “I am building the most incredible church in the world, people from will come from everywhere and worship the lord inside these walls, families will pray together and learn about the love of our savior”.

Which one of those two men would you like to be? Would you want to “just” build walls or “inspire the world through your creation”? It’s up to you, you are the creator of your life, you can live a life of meaning and purpose, every single day, starting by every morning, counting your blessings and elevating your heart filled with gratitude.

Remember, an easy but compelling way to level up yourself is before you start the day, put your feet on the ground and repeat with every part of you: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Believe to Create”


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