The End Determines The Beginning


If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes. ~Andrew Carnegie

We all hit times when we just want to hit a reset button. We get into a comfortable spot, settle in, get into a groove and then suddenly stop, look back, and wonder how we ended up where we are. Life somehow seems to get away from us. As you reflect, you realize that life has created you instead of you creating a life.

Starting something new can be exhilarating yet excruciating, thrilling yet exhausting, energizing yet unnerving. However, if done correctly, it's also awakening, invigorating, exciting and just plain fun. The best part is that you have a choice. Life doesn't have to remain the same. You can change it. You can reset your direction and design something that awakens your spirit and sets your soul on fire.

When you find yourself wanting to hit that reset button, start with your Alpha and Omega – the beginning from the end. You should know where you want to go before you randomly pick a path. What does your life look like when you get there? What is "there"? What are your surroundings when you wake up? What is your morning routine? How do you spend your day? Carve out every detail of every moment from what your home looks like to how you spend your time to whom you are surrounded by to what you enjoy doing most to what fulfills your heart.

Once you've created your Omega, develop actions that guide your Alpha to your Omega. Then apply these three simple techniques, and your Alpha will soon become your Omega because you commanded your Omega first.


Being confident and ultimately successful with a new beginning starts with conquering your mind - commanding your thoughts. Set your thoughts on your Omega – your goal. Thinking about how you will overcome that goal will help cement your belief in it. Once you believe it, the universe will conspire with you for you to achieve it.


This is where you let loose that free spirit that's inside you. Let her be your resounding voice, your navigational beacon, your spirit guide. Take that road less traveled. Discover the unknown. Do what invigorates you, what ignites your flame. Take that chance, but always keep your eye on your Omega, so you don't lose sight from your Alpha.


Hope leads the impossible. Hope transforms. Hope permits to carry on. Hope renews faith. Hope builds self-confidence. Without hope, you lose your dreams. So, free those reigns. Let go. Be inspired. Dream your biggest dreams. Believe in those dreams. Create a plan and give yourself permission to live. Not just live through, but live wildly and boldly.

By determining your Alpha from your Omega, you construct yourself a path that allows you to design the life you want to have. To start over, create something fresh, and become renewed all over again.


Janine L. Holman


Janine Holman is a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger - founder of Life Beyond Awesome – a site of travel journeys for adventurers, foodies, and lovers of luxurious things.  Her stories cover both local and international travel and focus on diving into cultures and communities and the people who make them thrive.  She invests time in learning how to best travel on a dime – being money smart and maximizing travel dollars while still enjoying the luxurious side of life (spas, restaurants, quaint places to stay, etc.).  Janine covers all kinds of topics and is known for being adventurous, enjoying the outdoors, and embarking down the path less traveled.  Most of all Janine enjoys sharing her life’s adventures and showing others how they too can design a Life Beyond Awesome.