The Enemy of Success


There are a number of sayings and articles about the enemies of success. Of its many enemies, I believe the true nemesis of success is comfort. Many believe an enemy of success is failure. The truth is that failure is actually a companion of success. A wonderful quote I heard once was, “The winners lose more than the losers.” Failure is a necessary part of success! Failure is apparent and can be used as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Comfort is a subtle devil. Comfort is the true wolf in sheep’s clothing. We all love being comfortable. Comfort is associated with pleasant feelings such as luxury and coziness. In order to stay in pursuit of growth, you must beware of comfort! Comfort does not look like the complete loss of motivation; instead, it is the loss of momentum. Comfort creeps slowly. Here’s an analogy for anyone who has ever struggled with their weight. A slice of comfort cake does not make you instantly gain 10 pounds, but one day your jeans fit too snugly out of the dryer. That’s the danger of comfort. So how do you combat this foe?

Don’t buy into believing you’ve arrived!

I am all about celebrating victories in life. Many mornings I thank the universe for another day that I can live. However, I strongly believe that fighting comfort can take the form of maintaining a need for iterative improvements. You can always have a victory, but it’s important to understand that it’s just a step on the staircase, not the entire flight!

Remain in pursuit of your purpose!

What’s the difference between something like pursuing to lose 10 pounds or pursuing a healthy weight. There is actually a big difference! While for some losing 10 pounds may get you into a healthy range for your body, when the scale says 10 pounds lost, you’re done! You’ve completed the activity. When you pursue a healthy weight, the effort you put in has an element of sustainability that requires ongoing effort, despite different activities that may be accomplished along the way. The same principle applies to the pursuit of building a school versus the pursuit of increasing access to education or the pursuit of impacting a community. Accomplishing the activity is not the goal, staying true to the purpose through the activities is!

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Ruby is a fulfillment coach working with clients, especially entrepreneurs, to get the most out of their lives. She launched her rst business in college and has been passionate about business own- ership ever since.

Today, Ruby is a member of Stegela Success Mastery and is connected to a large network of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Her major passions include long term work/life balance, health, and tness. She’s currently working on a women’s empowerment project. So be on the lookout for this rising star!