Have you ever taken a boxing class? Have you ever worked out so hard you threw up? Or almost passed out?

In boxing we start with grueling conditioning. Training that drives a person to hit the point of exhaustion. As you can imagine, the last thing on my mind after I can barely stand is beginning my technique training with even more conditioning!

We train for the final round. We make ourselves familiar with exceeding our physical limits to have more stamina and technical quality than our opponent. We are always training to the point of wanting to quit, so when it counts, we have the endurance and perseverance necessary to beat our opponent.

Oftentimes when we encounter difficult, stressful, and emotionally taxing points in our life, we take them for granted. In reality, the most inner and outer growth occurs at the point when you’ve reached your predetermined limit and chose to continue on. Once we exceed our limit, we begin to set new standards for our limitations. Being uncomfortable is a clear indication of personal growth. So get uncomfortable, take pride in the struggle, and knock out your opponent!

Evan Dolezal


Evan Dolezal is a speaker, certified relationship coach, and affiliate marketer. He is passionate about helping Coaches to effectively market their business and generate compatible clients. He moved to San Diego from Chicago with his Fiancé five years ago for the weather and to start his entrepreneurial journey.