The Foundation of a World that Works


If you know me, you know that “foundation” is one of my all-time favorite vocabulary words. If I could take one word to a deserted island, I would choose “foundation,” and we would build our home together in blissful matrimony! My love affair with this brilliant term is longstanding, and it is my “go-to” in any disagreement with my humble boyfriend and coworkers. Recently though, the word has taken on an entirely new meaning to me. Today, the foundation is a word that will change the world.

A few years back, my life took a sharp left turn. I hated my job. I hated my relationship. But most devastatingly, I was starting to hate humanity. Somewhere between birth and 23, I learned that the world was not made of sparkles and glitter the way my advanced magnet school education led me to believe. I started noticing the injustice that existed all around me. Why was it that in the richest age of man, we could not feed the poor? Why was it that in the world of reality TV and 17-year-old Instagram millionaires, 1.1 billion people had no access to clean water? Why in the world of kids who say “but mom, I don’t want to go to school!”, did 1.44 billion humans not have access to the education they longed for and deserved?

These questions ran my life until I decided to become a part of the foundation. You see, I spent YEARS hoping for change and doing nothing about it. I watched the news, complained, read articles, complained, and went to sleep. Wake-up. Rinse. Repeat. I took no responsibility for solving the problem, and in reality, I was probably making it worse. What kind of foundation was I asking for if I was the one taking a sledgehammer to it every single day?

That’s when it hit me - I had to BE the foundation for the world I wanted to live in. I had to put my favorite term to good use. Today, I am one of 10 co-founders of a non-profit community committed to building an army of movers and doers. At ThroughYOU, we believe that life is not something to sit back and observe, but something we have to build from the ground up. We are a movement – a community of people who refuse the status quo both in our own lives and in the lives of the 7.5 billion people around the globe. We will change the world one school, water well, and medical facility at a time, all while creating leaders out of ourselves and every individual we encounter. Change can ONLY happen ThroughYOU, so we might as well start today.

How do I know this is possible, you ask? Because it all started with a straightforward decision. My name is Amanda, and I am finally a part of the solution. Consider me a part of the foundation, and let’s build a beautiful world – together.


Amanda’s vision is for a world filled with excitement for every new day. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a Lebanese household, she quickly learned the value of saying hello to strangers and engaging positively with those around her. This interest in what inspires and motivates others led her to a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, followed by an eight-year career as a Transformation Manager. After being recognized as a Future Leader by Consulting Magazine, Amanda teamed up with nine game-changers to co-create ThroughYOU, a non-profit community committed to building a brighter future for the world. In her downtime, Amanda continues to live her vision through off-the-beaten-path travel, freelance writing for National Geographic, and a brief stint solo jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.