The Freedom is Within Us


Hey! Humans call me Yura. It happens that I have been here for 32 years now. Here is my ‘human life’ and a story of how I found my unconditional freedom.

Human birthday. 

This Is the most charming magic moment for parents. For me it was like: a few hours of struggling, light at the end of the tunnel, itchy skin, a lot of blood, someone kicks me, so I scream, and a few seconds later they cut umbilical cord… Here you are! Welcome to our world. 

Hey! Something is wrong here… unexpected party, cocktails, lounge music and fireworks!  


And now when I shaped into the human body I have to do school work, I have to swim and be a champion, I have to go to university to get a master degree and then get another better master degree, get a job, then you have to change the country you live in, then start another business and fail, get married, open another company, change the country again, divorce, lose business, three years of depression, attempts of suicide. Pff, Really?  Humans call it a `rat race.` What a ride.

Infinite freedom within us.

According to statistics, 100% of humans will die. Well, it is a silly statistic but very real for those who read this. As well as according to Buddhism, your physical body will die but not energy. When according to quantum physics - energy will never die.

It was a beautiful summer day, my 7th day of Vipassana Meditation outside of Berlin, Germany. I came to the temple completely exhausted from my 30 years `rat race` with the main question to myself: What is life? What am I doing here? 

I am sitting in a lotus position and meditate thoroughly, like when you try so hard, so you almost fall asleep.  Somehow it appears to me that I am energy shaped into a human body. My whole human life is a journey of this energy within me. Later, I decided that my energy is free, it is unstoppable, and has nothing to prove or to compare. Energy does not know what scarcity and fear are. Energy does not understand can and cannot. Energy flows freely through time and space. 

Being human; it is freedom.

I honestly believe it is a gift to have a human life. Every day we have a choice of what kind of life we are creating for ourselves and people around us. The world is here, and it is free. Being an entrepreneur, it is a choice of life. Every second we have a choice of creating our magnificent human journey.



Landscape Architect, Urban Designer and Abstract Artist. 

Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, University of Copenhagen Denmark. 

Founder of Liyri Art (Denmark), Liyri Art L.L.C. (US-CA) and LASD Studio (US-CA). 

I love the freedom of being human, meet great people, experience new places, music and sports.