The Freedom of Entrepreneurship

The Freedom of Entrepreneurship


Throughout the years, one of the many great benefits I have witnessed entrepreneurs obtain is the privilege of carrying their torch of entrepreneurial freedom. It's the freedom that historian American's sought after many centuries ago, dating back to the 1700s. So many of our great leaders found something refreshing and exciting about the freedom that was attached to owning and operating their very own organization.

Over the years, leaders of new and existing businesses throughout the world have placed themselves into one out of two groups when it comes to operating an enterprise. The fascinating world of entrepreneurship are separated into two main types of entrepreneurial journeys, one type being the traditional entrepreneur and the other being the non-traditional entrepreneur. Both can be extremely rewarding. However, each of them requires two very different paths each entrepreneur must travel. 

Traditional entrepreneurship aims to create products, services or processes, which consumers then pay for in the hopes of it catering to their short-term needs or long-term needs, while a non-traditional entrepreneur aims to create products, services or processes, which society will benefit from. A nickname that many have come to use for a non-traditional entrepreneur is "Social Entrepreneur." Traditional entrepreneurship, as well as non-traditional entrepreneurship, offers its leader freedom, but it can only be obtained by maintaining a consistent motion and high-level of passion, motivation, dedication, inspiration, and drive. 

Gaining the freedom that business owners crave daily is the result of time investment and skill-building. Once an entrepreneur succeeds in implementing all the elements needed to own and operate a company, they can then begin to create their freedom so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. The freedom of entrepreneurship allows the leader of an organization the ability to make whatever decisions they may feel is best, instead of working within the tight guidelines of being an employee within someone else's establishment.

It also allows a business owner the opportunity to be more in control of what revenue they would like to earn annually, instead of waiting on raises from their employer. One of the many benefits I have encountered throughout my entrepreneurship is the privilege of having freedom within my professional life as well as my personal life, and the opportunity to travel while seeing the world at my very own leisure. Within the pages of my newly-released entrepreneurial how-to guide, "Road Trip 2 Success", I cover many topics of discussions ranging from the history of entrepreneurship and its freedom to dive even deeper to further explain how an aspiring or existing entrepreneur can turn their new business ideas into highly-profitable streams of revenue. 

Tirrick Obadiah Smith "The Universal Artist"

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Tirrick Obadiah Smith, who is often referred to as "The Universal Artist" is a serial entrepreneur who owns 16 companies and an entertainment industry mogul who works in film, television, theatre, music and every other area of the entertainment spectrum. Due to his undeniable talents, extreme skills, knowledge, work performance, and reputation, he has become Hollywood's #1 Go-To Man.  

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