The Future of Dining

There’s one detail that sets an average entrepreneur apart from an entrepreneur who gains an astounding abundance of wealth and success. This highly overlooked, but powerful detail is 'vision.' Seeing something where someone else does not. Touradj Barman has a great vision, and it’s packed with purpose.

With a background in software development, he never saw himself using it to solve one of life’s largest dilemmas. One night, Touradj and a friend sat for dinner at Isola Pizza Bar in Little Italy. The evening went well until it was time to pay.

Touradj knew his parking meter was running and about to expire, he only had a few minutes left on it. He asked for the check and hoped he would get it back fast enough to make it to his car before getting a ticket. But, it nearly took a grueling 15 minutes before he was able to pay, split the bill with his friend and get the receipt. And, by the time he made it back to his car, there was a ticket waiting for him.

After that ordeal, he knew something had to be done. So, Touradj put the task upon him to find a way around this seemingly common obstruction. After surveying 300 restaurant goers, 40% of them ended up splitting the check. He decided to develop a mobile website that could allow you and an unlimited amount of guests to cut the bill, almost effortlessly.

Mobile Payments Made Easy

He chose to call it Up n’ go. The perfect device for anyone who is constantly up and on the go. Just scan the QR code on your receipt. By hovering your phone's camera over it, every person’s order can be viewed instantly and ready to be paid with ease. Thereby, allowing people to satisfy their impatience in a less than tolerant society. No need to download an app.

This simple adjustment shifts the entire outlook of a restaurants atmosphere and is beyond beneficial to the employees. If people are able to pay faster, they are happier. Which leads to bigger tips, making the servers happier. Also, if more people can be seated, more cash is flowing. Inevitably, making the owner happy. Up n’ go is enhancing the dining experience one check at a time. So far, Up n’ go is operational in 2 restaurants, Starlite and Firehouse. And, will be expanding to 5 other well-known restaurants soon.