The Importance of Copy in Your Business... and Life!


How many times have heard (or asked) “What book are you currently reading?” Reading is an essential part of growing our businesses and an even greater part of our own growth. How that translates into business is by asking “what is being read about me?” Living in a social media frenzied world, there has been no greater time to ensure what is in print true. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is not true anymore. We live in a ‘what happens in life shows up in print on a post on Facebook and is considered true no matter if it is or not’ life right now.

It’s OK, so take a minute and breathe… Look at about what has been written about your business and see if it aligns well with the image you want to be known for. Copy is essential for the growth of any business. If corporate America spends billions on marketing and advertising each year, how much more should we as entrepreneurs be acutely aware of what goes to print, since we are our own personal brand. It comes down to influence. How are we influencing others to show up in our world?  

How we influence, our audience is a reflection of how we influence ourselves. I remember 20 years ago a person could have a ‘work personality’ and a ‘life personality’ however what we have come to learn (and have really known all along) is that they are one and the same. That personal development is also professional development, and the quicker we mirror them together, the quicker we fall into that path we should be on, the quicker we begin to live authentic lives.

That brings us to the importance of having and using copy (which is really a fancy way of saying the written word) in our business to portray to our ideal audience who we are and why we are the solution to their problems. In fact, right now as you read this, you are thinking ‘Who is this Steven? What is he about?’ Which subconsciously calls you to read on, then to google me, then to check out my social media profiles in hopes that what you find is synergy across the realm. We all do it. It is how we determine who we work with.

Here are seven tips for writing brilliant content that will position you to be an influencer.

1.    Promise and Deliver

2.    Use numbers and lists

3.    Utilize “trigger” words

4.    Teach something

5.    Write like a real person talks

6.    Don’t be too clever (but have fun)

7.    Ask for an action

The bottom line in copy is to be consistent – concise – congruent. Ask yourself, how am I showing up in print? When you create (or work with someone who helps you create) content, using these seven tips will position your brand for growth; and growth leads to more fulfillment.

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Part-time comedian, full-time writer  and consultant, underpaid father of 7 and husband to one hot wife, Steven enjoys a life of wild abandonment. Living in a 36 foot RV, Steven's journey has afforded him a lifetime worth of experiences that he writes and speaks about. His passion is writing and helping others write that can't or simply don't want to. You can often find him at a local coffee shop, on the beach, or creating content ... usually with a pen in his hand. Find out more about Steven by visiting his website Everyone can write... but not everyone should...Ask me why.