The Importance of Empathy as a Business Owner


What makes a business great? There is no exact formula to making a business a great one, but staying humble is a perfect start. There are two different sides to this. One side is being the boss of employees and the other is being the business owner your customers know. You need to make both of these people happy or business will slow down for you.

Almost every entrepreneur’s reason for branching outside of their 9-5 is due to the fact that they worked at a place they were not happy. For me, I was sick of being undermined by people above me. What did I take with me on my journey into entrepreneurship? A compassionate heart for anyone that I hire.

We know how stressful it is to be on the side of the interview where our potential income hangs in the balance of our answers. How amazing would it be if you were able to take the butterflies out of someone’s interview? You may have heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” This most definitely applies in business.

If your employees are happy, then your business will be happy. If you give your employees a reason to be excited to come in and work for your business, then your business will never fail. We all know what it feels like to hate our job. Yes, having customers is great, but having happy employees is the icing on the cake. Happiness breeds loyalty. Make work fun and achievable and recognize even the small achievements. A little love and empathy will take your business far if you keep this in mind!

Let’s talk about customers. Every business needs a core group of loyal customers. One of the places I frequent is a lounge. I go because the owner has become a great friend of mine. I go to support his business because he welcomed me into his lounge, remembered my name, my order, and all of my interests when he had dozens of other customers. This is what a great business owner does!

You need to take interest in your customers. You don’t have to go to their family reunions or anything, but you must be personable. Ask them about their day while doing business with them. It is imperative to retain a core group of reliable customers. Your customers support your life with the business they bring you, so the least you can do is support theirs not only with your business but with your compassion.

There is no formula for the perfect business just like there is no perfect recipe for the perfect cookie, but I can tell you one thing. When my mom made cookies for me when I was a kid, there was a bit more than some directions on the package inside.

Put a little love into your business and see how big it grows!

Be good to yourself and be good to those around you. Keep hustling!

Najja Gandy


Author: Najja Gandy