The Key To Unstoppable Confidence

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

I don't know of anything, and I mean absolutely anything, more important in your life than developing true self-confidence. Listen, friends, we have been put on this earth for such a short time, and we have been given a purpose, passion, and mission to do great things. Every one of us was born with genius, talent, and creativity locked up inside of us. Unfortunately, most people will die without fulfilling their purpose and following their passion. The number one reason this happens is because of a lack of self-confidence. 

The number 1 quality that I strove to instill within my son was self-confidence. The results have proven to be absolutely powerful. Caleb used to be a very insecure and shy kid, but I knew the power of confidence. Without self-confidence, I knew that Caleb was never going to fulfill his purpose and be what he was destined to be. As a dad, I pushed my son to develop self-confidence so that he could accomplish great things. Let me share some of the information I shared with my son so that he could work on his confidence. I'm going to give you 3 tips on how you can become more self-confident.

1. You have to love and believe in yourself-more than anyone else in the world.

There are way too many insecure people in this world that have succumbed to average living. They are walking around with too many insecurities and self-doubt because they've grown up in a world of negative self-talk. They don't love themselves like they should.

If you want to become a self-confident person, you have to believe in yourself. You must know your strengths and weaknesses, and instead of letting your weaknesses defeat you, accept them as part of who you are. Celebrate and grow in your strengths, and your weaknesses will become less magnified. You have the ability to conquer any negative trait or weak habit that you have. Believing in yourself is the essential foundation for building self-confidence. This is where it all begins. 

2. Act self-confident.

You don't feel your way into acting; you act your way into feeling. Body language is important, so stop walking with your head down and your shoulders slumped. Don't walk around timidly; instead, walk around acting like you are the most confident person in the world. What if you become one of the most confident people your friends and family know? I know how you can get there, my friends. Start acting like it!

3. Surround yourself with people who have confidence. 

Most of you may not realize it, but your inner circle is destroying you. You are hanging around defeated, weak-minded, soft, and negative people. These people are the type who spend their time gossiping about others. Confident people don't have time to talk about people because they are spending their time doing big things with their lives. There is a proverb that says, "He who walks with wise men will be wise." That is probably one of the most important principles that you can learn. You become who you associate with on a regular basis. 

Friends, this is what I want you to do today. I want you to go to the mirror, stand up straight, and empty yourself right now of all the insecurities, negative self-limiting beliefs, doubt, hesitation, and fears. I want you to love yourself more than you ever have before. Take care of your body, spoil yourself, buy yourself the shirt you really want, and stop the victim thinking. Take these three things that I've given you and live them. As you become more confident, you will make more money than you've ever made, and you will have better relationships than you have ever had. The key to enjoying life, peace, and daily contentment is found in self-confidence.

Matt Maddix


Matt Maddix, master sales trainer, consultant and CEO of Matt Publishing, is a successful international speaker and master motivator. He has hosted over 120 live events with as many as 32,225 registrants. 

During past events, Maddix has shared the stage with some of the greats in the world such as: Kevin Harrington, Gary Vaynerchuck, Darren Hardy, Greg Reid, and Glenn Twiddle. 

In conjunction with traveling as a motivational speaker, Matt is the founder Maddix Publishing, My Health Coach, TextNinjaPro and Maddix Missions. He is also the author of bestselling books How You Can Have It All and Just Juice It. 

In addition, Maddix is co-host of two internet talk shows—Morning With Maddix and Fuel for Success. 

Matt is best known for his life strategies along with his sales and marketing success, but he is most proud as the father of 15-year-old celebrity superstar speaker, Caleb Maddix.

His son was recently voted in the Top 20 Most Motivational People in the world. Caleb has been featured in Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc and interviewed on Good Morning Australia with over 8 million viewers. Caleb wrote his first book by age 12, Keys to Success for Kids and has already earned Six figures by age 14. 

Matt lives in Los Angeles and St. Petersburg, Florida.