The Key to Win Success


Vision is important for an entrepreneur. Because without vision there would be no entrepreneur. You have to have a vision in order to manifest things that you want to become a reality. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to create a business of some kind, you have to see it first before you can manifest it. This is why vision is so important!

First, you have to know exactly what you want.

Second, visualize clearly what it looks like. Paint a picture of what you want and start building from where you are now.

Third, you need to know how to get there. You have to understand what it’s going to take to get there, the challenges that you’re going to have to go through to make that vision a reality.  To achieve your vision you must be willing to do whatever it takes to make that vision into reality.
What I want in the first place is to become a speaker, so I set a goal to get on a TED stage. Then I visualize myself being on a TED Talks stage. I got first to step.

Now, how am I going to do this? So I had to reach out to other people that have already done it. I hired a mentor to show me how to achieve my goal. I sent out over 108 applications across the U.S. and beyond. And I had a lot of “No’s”. There will be failures in this journey but you can’t get discouraged. But finally, last night, I got the response I had been waiting for. They are interested and very happy with my subject matter, my videos, my excitement, and my passion.  I truly believe that these steps that went through and hurdles I had to go over will help you reach your success as well.

Fear is one thing that can stop you from reaching your vision. You have to get past your fear. You already have the vision. You already have the know-how. You already have everything in you. If it’s just fear stopping you from reaching your goals it is time to overcome that fear! You have to believe in yourself.  If you believe in yourself it doesn’t matter if anybody else says negative things about you. Believing yourself is the true key!

Taking action is the key; you could have the vision, the goal, and the insight; you can read all the books, talk to other people, but if you are just sitting at home. Forget it! You must take the action step. So, I had to look for somebody who could teach me how to be a successful speaker and make my vision into reality. Since I took action on my goals, they are becoming a reality. Action is the most important part because, without it, your vision will never ever come true.  So what areas of your life could you be taking more action?


Coach G - from San Diego, California. At the age of 8, I was labeled dumb and diagnosed with a learning disability. I have literally spent my whole life making my label the inspiration behind finding purpose in my life, exercising my strength in business and fostering my love for connecting with others in my relationships as the key to the realization that I am smart. It's about breaking down labels to bring out your own “Genius Within”.