The Life You Never Dreamed Of


3 Keys to Create a Power Vision for Yourself


What am I doing with my life? What is my purpose? Is this all there is? Have you ever asked yourself questions like this? While I was transitioning out from the Marine Corps, I asked these questions every day. After achieving my dream of becoming a United States Marine, I found myself leaving that dream after only four short years. I felt lost, confused and frustrated with the results I had and the results my family was having. A year before, my grandfather passed away and unfortunately, he and I were not that close. A year later, my father lost his job and was struggling with depression which affected my mother as well. I was also leaving the safety and financial security of the military with absolutely no idea about money, neither how to create it or how to keep it. Within two short months, after I got out, all my savings were gone.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you looked at the yourself in the mirror and told yourself “I deserve more, I can do more and I can be more.” Were you able to answer those questions?

Searching for my next chapter brought me to an event that changed my life. I remember sitting in the audience listening to one of the last speakers being totally captivated by the by his ability to provide value to others. Since that event I have begun thinking differently about the power of words and the effectiveness of speaking. Now I have been blessed helping others break their chains so they can live the life they never dreamed of. Which helped me realize that having a vision for your life is one of the first steps. Here are the 3 keys to creating an impactful vision for yourself which I call D.E.F. Define, Expose and Fail.

  1. Define what you want out of life. Create powerful “I am” statements about everything you want to have and want to become. Define what is YOUR definition of success!

  2. Expose yourself to new and exciting challenges and opportunities. This will cause your mind to grow and expand and engage with the world around you that will allow you to see things differently, increasing what you thought was possible.

  3. Fail Failing is the best teacher. When I started speaking, I spoke at an event and went over my limit by almost 12 minutes! I was embarrassed, but that failure caused me to prepare more and be more conscious of my message. Now, I am an even better speaker because I allowed myself to fail!  

It takes the right person to speak and connect with you in such a way that empowers you to break your chains! To begin to envision more for yourself. Anyone out there looking for a powerful speaker whose goal is to inspire, motivate and empower you to break the chains that are holding you back and to increase your vision, freedom and life to reach even more success reach out to me TODAY!

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James Adalberto Nelson is a Marine veteran known as the Chain Breaker speaker. Although he achieved his dream of becoming a Marine at the age of eighteen, four quick years later he found himself leaving it behind. Unsatisfied, unfulfilled and with no vision for himself, James was lost in what to do next. In his search for answers he joined a business mastermind group with no business, no business idea, and still no vision for himself. Being exposed to new people and new opportunities, James was able to break that chains that were holding him back, create a new vision for himself, the freedom to pursue that vision to the life he created for himself! Now he helps others break their chains so they can live the life they are meant to live as the person they were created to be! James Adalberto Nelson has spoken in many high schools,and in front of very successful entrepreneurs and business owners about the importance of living life “chain free.” With high energy, engaging speeches, James is able to connect with his audience and leave a lasting impression on them, providing them with valuable takeaways that they can implement immediately.


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