The Melting Pot – Gaslamp District

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What you permit, you promote.

That is the motto Dee Woodruff lives by, and it truly shows one's perspective on life. It means if you see something that goes against what you stand for or a rule that is not obeyed and you turn the other way – you don't say anything – you are promoting it. It's a silent approval.

Dee was raised in Ireland. She grew up with her grandmother owning her own restaurant, and that is where her passion for the hospitality industry formed. She initially wanted to work with the Ireland tourism board, but the state of Ireland at that time dictated that she leave Ireland. She came to the United States and began her hospitality career with the Holiday Inn.

After working with the Holiday Inn for quite some time, Dee decided to return to the restaurant business where she could mentor the younger generation. She knew that when you invest in people, when you train them, and tell them why something needs to be done (and not just that they have to do it), people will bend over backward to help you.

Dee's philosophy is "manage yourself, manage your people, manage your business." She knows that when you set boundaries for yourself, give yourself the care that you need, you are a more efficient person – a person who can be more effective. When you are more effective, you can manage people more effectively. You are able to pour into people the inspiration and motivation they need to be their best selves. And when you allow people to give their best, they, in turn, manage your business. This is how she gets awards for her accomplishments.

Dee has built an 18-year career as a general manager at The Melting Pot where she has always found that her philosophy and success has led for jobs to come looking for her. In 2017 Dee won awards for both Operator of the Year and Franchise of the Year. Her passion is to mentor and train people in the hospitality industry, and her abilities in this arena raise her restaurants to levels others don't achieve. Dee strives to stand out from the crowd and give her dining guests the best experience they've ever had.

If you're looking for a different dining experience, go to The Melting Pot – Gaslamp District. The Melting Pot is a decadent fondue experience. It's a different way to dine. By creating an atmosphere that elicits laughter, conversation, and togetherness, The Melting Pot provides an exceptional way to enjoy an unforgettable, interactive meal that turns moments into memories.

With a delectable 4-course pairing, your meal is as unique and creative as you make it. Choose from your favorite artisan cheeses, salads, entrees, sauces, cooking styles, and chocolate, all cooked by you in your fondue pot. You can select from a preset 4-course experience or create your own 4-course entrée. Either way, you'll end your evening with your tummy full of unmatched, mouth-watering, sensuous tastes and the best dining experience you ever had.

Janine Holman


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