The Moment You Became A Influencer


What is an influencer, and what does that mean.  

We start learning about influence at a very young age, as young as high school when for one reason or another we broke into groups we could easily relate to.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, we gravitated to groups and people we related better with.

Yes, we were being influenced at a very young age, whether someone or something that that group of people stood for or believed, that was the beginning of influence or an influencer shaping our lives.  As we grow up, even when we don’t realize it, many of our decisions are based on people, groups or situations that have had an influence on us.

When you make the decision to become an entrepreneur, you have also made a decision to be an influencer, because, from the moment you make the decision family, friends, customers, employees, and associates will be aware of your words and actions.  Before I made the decision to become an entrepreneur, I was a manager, i.e., an influencer which I had to grow into and grasp the power and influence that position carried with it.

The most valuable advice I was given when I became a manager was everyone is going to look to you for guidance and leadership, and “your job will be much easier if your employees and associates feel like they want to work for you, rather then feeling like they have to work for you.”

The difference in becoming an influencer is really understanding that people follow you and or listen to you, because they want to and don’t have to.  As an entrepreneur, you will influence your customers, employees, friends, family, and associates not only with a product or service that is needed but because they all know like and trust you.

Are you an entrepreneur, are you an influencer?