The Parent Entrepreneur


Are you an entrepreneur and a parent? Does this double duty and double responsibility make it hard to keep a positive attitude?

Being a stay at home mom is probably one of the toughest unpaid jobs out there, but being a working mom who only gets 3-4 hours a day with her kids is even tougher. I personally have experienced both. As a stay at home mom, I loved being there to put my 2-year-old down for her nap with stories and a rocking chair, then being the face she saw when she woke up. I loved having the opportunity to make her and my 12-year-old a good breakfast every morning without rushing, and going to “mommy and me” classes on a weekday morning. I enjoyed going places and spending time with other mom friends and their kids during the day. I loved being there 24/7 for my kids and would choose that over working any day; however staying at home has its challenges. I was there for the good times, but I was also there for the laundry, cleaning, cooking, not getting a break or privacy except during nap time, and grocery shopping.

As a working mom, I pick the kids up after getting done with work and running errands. Then it’s time to do dinner, our bedtime routine, and running them to activities in between. After that, I am responsible for the dishes, laundry, the toys to clean up, lunch to make for tomorrow, emails, my online business, and devotional time before I finally go to sleep.

Although being a working mom is tough, I am treasuring the moments I have with my kids because I know one day my kids will be grown and gone and there will be no more toys to pick up, or lunch to be made. To parents: Dads, tell your stay at home or working mom how much you appreciate her. Moms, when a dad helps with dishes, dinner, laundry or with the kids, tell him how much you appreciate him. Single parents: I was in your shoes. I know your kids probably never tell you, but you are appreciated too. Knowing our hard work is appreciated makes it a little easier to keep up with all that needs to be done for our family every single day.

When you are overwhelmed as a parent, and overworked as a business owner, and your mind starts to make you feel like there’s no end in sight, it’s at that time you need to focus on all that you’re grateful for in life. When you count your blessings and remember your why your mind will be at peace, and you’ll be refreshed to continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

Lauren B. Aven


My name is Lauren B Aven. I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, high school teacher, and entrepreneur.  When I was introduced to network marketing in 2014 with Younique, I found a new and exciting way to make an even greater difference in the lives of others.  My life's mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women to look and feel beautiful and lead them to live the life they love.