The picture in our head

What messes people up in life the most is the picture we create in our head of the way life is supposed to be. We are our own worst critics, and when the script doesn’t match the film, we play upstairs with our emotional, physical, and mental well-being suffer. Life101 states we are “supposed to” graduate from high school then college, start a successful career, meet “Mr. Right” and get married, buy a house, have kids, raise those kids, work until we retire, and then become the best grandparent.

Well, guess what?? The straight and narrow path has a few rocks, turns, and changes of surface. The asphalt isn’t always so smooth. Adversity builds character, and the entrepreneur’s mind knows how to create positivity from these changes on the path. The creative mind finds a way.

Focusing on the way life is “supposed to be” equates to missed opportunities, missed adventures, and missed experiences, that can leave one asking, “What if??”

What if I would have married him and decided not to go to the law school??

That person may never have had their law practice, helped the innocent, or work as a law professor at the school they attended. The risks we take often take us to the incredible destinations we never thought possible. I took the biggest risk by opening my fitness studio. I took another chance by trying bodybuilding. My latest risk is pursuing my Doctorate.

Was I “supposed to” go into debt? Push my body to its limits? Or take on such a time-consuming endeavor?? There are plenty of events in my life that have confused and upset me because they weren’t supposed to happen that way according to life’s basic 101. I have written the script for the movie of my life based on what I have determined it is “supposed to” be. Comfort zones were never my friend.

Life would be pretty bland if we always stuck to what is considered generally assumed or believed to be RIGHT. I guess I turned LEFT and decided that this is the way my life is “supposed to be." I’m happy with where I am and will keep writing the script to the film that best suits my life’s story.  I lead by example, not by the opinion of others.

Truth be told, I don’t want to know if I’m “supposed to be" doing this any other way, because I’m helping a lot of people, becoming the best version of me, and attaining a very high level of education while at it.

Megan Johnson McCullough

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