The Power of Fear


Fear is a powerful emotion. It can be the reason we don’t move forward, and it can also be the reason we do.  

Since the day we were born, we all have had to overcome fears to continue to grow and learn.  As a child, it could be the first day of school. As a teen, it could be not fitting in. What is it that fuels our fears?  Is it the unknown, is it fear of failure, is it lack of knowledge - these are just a few of the fears that can stop us from moving forward.  Every stage of progress in life comes with a certain level of fear. Don't allow fear to kill your dream.

Entrepreneurs handle fear in what may seem to be a different way. Fear is what entrepreneurs use as motivation.  As an entrepreneur, there are several roles and responsibilities you may have. You have your employee hiring, training, and retention (i.e., your business will be as good as the people working for you).  With all the other responsibilities that entrepreneurs have to handle, they also have to handle their own fear. Don’t fight your fears. Recognize them. Overcome them. Fear isn’t all bad. It will make you more aware of the so-called little things. You just need to recognize fear, realize it, and continue building your business!

What about the fear of not giving your dream a real chance?  What about the fear of not showing yourself or maybe your kids that it is possible.  And the fear of not having more time to spend with family and or seeing your kids grow up.  Don’t be afraid of striving for the best out of life. Find out how much strength you do have. Trust that things will work out in the end and you will always find a way.

Fear only has as much power as you give it.

Darryl Horton

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