The Real Reason You’ll Get Tired This Year


At the end of this week, will you say that you’ve been “busy” or “effective”?

When you think of your role in your business, are you a worker or a leader?

As the “Get Ahead by Giving Back” guy, I have two obligations to every hopeful entrepreneur I meet.

The first is to instill an incredible amount of inspiration/encouragement into every single entrepreneur since I believe that we entrepreneurs are the answer to most everything that ails our world. There are so few of us, it’s imperative that each of us feels and knows that we’re doing great things and the world is better for it.

The second is to make sure you actually go about the business of becoming a successful entrepreneur by getting stuff done. My specific bent on this is to use generosity as the lever and fuel to reach new heights of success for with generosity, you’re capable of great things and the world is counting on us.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a more generous leader if you never grow past wishful thinking and mere good intentions. If you don’t match your passion with a ruthless practicality and efficacy, you won’t find the success needed to make a pronounced difference. So here’s a tool to help you along your path to success…it’s called the Control Box™.

The Control Box.jpg

1 - The Blue zone represents what you CAN Control and Predict

2 - The Gray zone is what you CANNOT control, but still Can Predict

3 - The Red zone is what you CANNOT control and CANNOT Predict

When you make plans for your business or review even just your past week of activities, take time to note which color zone each thing is/was.

The reason you’ll get tired, burnt out, overwhelmed or even straight-up depressed while leading your business is that you’re focusing time, energy and precious resources on things in the Red zone. Since you cannot control or predict anything in this zone, you’re spinning your wheels aimlessly just hoping for something to work out and, in the meantime, getting very tired in the process.

Stop doing this.

Your best furious efforts can’t affect anything in the Red zone, so don’t spend any time/resources on anything that lands there. You can’t make them Gray, much less Blue, and you’ll find that you have plenty of work just keeping up with stuff in the Blue zone.

Everything in the Blue zone will actually yield you positive results and tangible growth and things in there are awesome because things that you can control and predict - you can actually master and even automate for repeatable excellence!

The Control Box™ is a trademark of Joon S. Han/Better San Diego. Parts of this article are excerpted from ”Get Ahead by Giving Back” (Yellowline Publishing 2018).

Joon S. Han


Strategist Joon S. Han is author and TED speaker of “Get Ahead by Giving Back” and catalytic agitator for bright social entrepreneurs. He enjoys the magicianship of Penn and Teller™ and his pet peeves are when people say, “could care less” instead of “couldn’t” and when someone speaks on leadership when they’ve never led anything in their life. He most recently co-founded AwesomeGuests so check it out.