The Reality in Your Reflection


As we conclude 2018 it’s a time to reflect how we did as entrepreneurs, and equally important during your time of reflection is honesty. Being successful isn't always just about being motivated, selling the most, or having the flashiest website. Sometimes, it's simply about being honest.

Success can be very similar to your online persona. After all, where do you think the term, “fake it til ya make it” came from. To the outside world image is everything, and just like that new profile photo you posted on Facebook, success can be photoshopped or twisted to a certain angle to look better. The problem is deep down you know the truth and how confident can you know your business really isn't real at all.

This is the time to take an honest look at the unedited version of you and your business. Did you work up to your potential and plan well or were you distracted? Did you allow FOMO to creep into your plan? If you did, you made the number one mistake that 42% of all startups who fail made; you focused more on building your brand than solving customers need. When you focus on the cover and not the content, it’s over. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten a request to help someone build their online presence and they don't even have a website, a one-sheet, an EPK, or a sales deck. Imagine you get the perfect potential client who sees your Facebook page, wants to work with you and request info, and all you have to offer is an orchestra of crickets while you scramble to put something together. Remember just like any good book or magazine, the cover is only to entice you of the great story inside.

FOMO is a lethal distraction that can put you in constant chaos trying to take on every single project that comes your way to build your brand. Think of your work plate like a plate of food, if you overfill your plate just to make sure you don't miss out on anything, you have an unappealing sloppy mess, and that is how potential clients will view you.

In 2019 vow to only take only on your plate what you can appreciate while it's hot, savor all it has to offer and enjoy the experience. You will feel invigorated and inspired versus uncomfortable and regretful.

If during your reflection you feel like you failed, know that isn't a bad thing. What is bad is not recognizing failures or ignoring them, so they are repeated. Versus, owning them, dissecting them and making the necessary changes not to repeat them.

Being honest in your reflection will be the difference between you evolving or dissolving.


who also served as the Women's Professional Football League's Media Relations Director for seven years working with 52 teams nationwide and some of the largest media outlets in the nation. After hanging up her cleats she officially launched her own Public Relations, Marketing, and Talent Management firm, Sixty5 Media named after the jersey number she wore her entire football career. Taylor works with clients that range from small businesses to celebrities, recording artist, and professional athletes. Additionally, she serves as the Assistant Editor of What's Up Hollywood, is the lead Correspondent for San Diego's Bolt Report and writes as a guest journalist for five other national publications.