Let’s imagine that first day in human history together. Let your mind take you on a journey to envisage what could have taken place:

Placed on soft green moss, carpeting a relatively tiny spot of ground on earth, lays the first human creation. The man opens his eyes to the warmth of a distant sun and awakens to a bird singing a sweet, gentle tune.

“Welcome, Adam, my son!” says his Father. “You have five senses that you will immediately get to use now. In time you will learn about the others. Come, as I take you on a tour of the garden that we prepared for you.”

As Adam stands erect for the first time, his eyes focus on rustling leaves of trees. Out of the forest, surrounding that mossy ground, appear animals stepping into view, there are a few he can see peering at him with their heads well above the trees. Others fly overhead, some buzz passed his ears, but nothing overwhelms or bombards his senses. There are varieties of beautifully colored flowers nearby giving off their full scent which delight his sense of sight and smell.

“The creatures that you see before you are your first earthly friends, companions, and helpers. They will do anything you ask of them. What you see all around you I have made for you.”

One animal, having two small eyes and big ears with short straight black fur covering its body, runs over to Adam handing him a strawberry to taste then gives him a prepared gourd with water inside, to wash it down. He then grabs Adam’s hand and walks with him on its two short bowed legs. Two other animals vie for his attention, one rubs up on Adam’s legs as it purrs, the other jumps for joy running circles around him with its tongue hanging out.

“I will call you ‘Shiympanzah,’ this purring one ‘Chatul’ and “Kelev,” the excited one.”

Then, pointing towards two bears, “I will call the white one “Day Warmth” to keep me warm when I take a nap after lunch and the brown one “Night Warmth” to keep me warm all throughout the night.”

Looking towards the sky, he says, “Thank you, Father, for everything, I am delighted!”

“Good my son, all I want is what is good for you.”

“What is Good?”

His father replied, “Look! Goodness is all around you!”

“How can I repay you?”

“Observe the animals, you will repay me one day as they have and in other unique ways. But I will never ask anything bad of you. Your purpose is to cover the world with this model garden.”

“Father, what is Bad?”

“Funny, you should ask about “Good and Bad” the tree with that knowledge is next on tour.”

We know how the story continues, but how does our life compare today? Our purpose for being here has not changed. If we choose wisely, the real-life soon awaits, and that’s true freedom.


Sharon J Geyer is a caregiver, freelance writer, singer, filmmaker, and photographer. Founder of Fairly Fast – which covers her art, filmmaking, photography and more… Her written work include works of fact and fiction, she has produced, directed, edited and played in documentaries, sci-fi, animation, comedic and dramatic films.  She enjoys the beach, swimming capturing sunsets and discovering new dining spots to break bread with friends and family. She enjoys seafood, Italian, Indian, and other spicy foods as well as discovering delicious vegetarian and vegan options. Let her know your favorite restaurant or food truck that serves truffle fries. Sidenote: Concerning the above article and to learn more about the beginning history of man read the book of Genesis in the Bible.