The Truth About Your “Truth”: The One Lesson I Learned From Joining A Bunch Of MLM


Dear Reader,

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’ve been on and off this entrepreneur train since I was 19.

Around that time in my life, I joined my first network marketing company that sold me the dream of “being your own boss” and escaping the 9-5 “rat-race.” Being naive I joined the cause, even though I’d never worked 40 hours in one week before.

A couple more companies later and I started noticing the same pattern:

Spend all week bugging your friends and family about some “business opportunity” that you’re instructed to be deliberately vague about.

Drag them to a meeting.

Have them watch some delusional video with happy people living the dream life, with fast cars, gigantic dream houses, and images of inconceivable amounts of money.

Then convince them to “just find 3 people” to bring along to the next meeting and see the same video.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

I know it sounds like I’m bashing on network marketing and I kinda am and that’s probably because I never made any money like the rest of the 90% of failures. Here’s why my investment of $499 always went to waste.

I wasn’t being honest with myself.

I really didn’t care about the “perks.” Nor did I care about these crazy products and services I was selling. I didn’t even care about the business opportunity. And the sad part? EVERYONE around me could see right through my poker face. I wasn’t being honest with my friends, family or the random people I’d talk to when I’d go “prospecting.” I was lying to myself and therefore, lying to everyone else.

I only cared about one thing: Freedom. I wanted the freedom to do whatever the (explicit) I wanted, whenever I wanted, with whomever I wanted. To live life on my own terms. I had to FULLY accept this fact before finding the true key to my happiness - something that I personally could never find in any MLM company. I had to find and align with my “truth” a.k.a. my actual purpose in life.

Now, age 27, I’ve been making money through my passion: writing, no less. As a copywriter, I now write words that print money for others. It’s super lucrative, and more importantly, it makes me happy.

Sure, there are many people out there who’ve fallen in love with their MLM business (I know a few). And maybe pulling out of a multi-million mansion driveway in a Maserati just to go to the grocery store isn’t that important to you, either. But aligning with your purpose in life is the real key to happiness, no matter what you do.

Your purpose is your truth, and it’s your truth that sets you free.

Joshua D. Copeland

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