The WOMBman Entrepreneur


She is: Intelligent, Creative, Passionate, Strong, Resilient, Ambitious, Diligent in her work, and Persistent in her efforts. She is Progressive by nature and has ability beyond measure. She is Farsighted with great vision. She plants seeds of Faith rather than fear. She is: an Entrepreneur.

Women have possessed these characteristics since their beginning, but what makes HER so exceptional? Her unique ability to multi-task. She can be a productive wife, mother, homemaker, entrepreneur, and financial contributor through business ownership all at the same time. She is industrious in the home and away from the home. She amplifies her efforts in the face of adversity and objection. She doesn’t let her circumstances affect her level of commitment and determination, but rather they affect her circumstances. She pursues excellence with zeal and intense effort. She sees a need and works to fulfill it - in her family, in her work, and her personal development. She doesn’t wait for opportunity; she makes opportunity. She exceeds the world’s expectations of a woman. Her ability to carry life in the womb to breathing life into her business is evidence of her God-given flexibility and resilience. Her persistence in hard work abounds her great rewards.

Historically, women’s roles have been generally limited to raising children and performing domestic duties in the home. Very few were edified as women of greatness in societies. Modern women are being credited as innovators in this growing world of business with an estimation of over 11.3 million female business owners in America alone.

We put high demands on ourselves and often exert our bodies and minds to get the job done. It can be very taxing and can affect us negatively if we’re not careful.

Invest in your health. We need to be professionally disciplined about taking care of ourselves. If we add value to ourselves, we add value to our vocation, and finally to others. Take quiet time in the mornings for mental preparation for the day ahead. Remember to eat healthy meals to help sustain your energy throughout the day. Stay properly hydrated to help prevent fatigue that dehydration can bring. Find time to exercise even if it’s for as little as 15-20 minutes per day. Laugh! A merry heart does good like medicine (Prov. 17:22). Rid your mind of any toxic thoughts well before bedtime to promote sound, restful sleep – repeat!

With a reputation well deserving of acknowledgement in our society today, March celebrates “Women’s History Month.” We honor and celebrate women’s dedication to being great, their strength and courage to stand up and step out, their many achievements throughout history, and their contribution to making a difference in our world today for a fabulous tomorrow.

Kimika Ward


Kimika is a holistic health practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach whose mastered the art of piquing interest in even the most pessimistic mindsets.  She studied holistic health at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, CA, and proceeded to start up her own mobile and online holistic practice, servicing all of San Diego, Orange, and Riverside county.  Passionate about educating and empowering others on how to live vibrantly from the inside out, the world of holistic healing was a natural fit.  With encouragement from friends and colleagues, Kimika started Wholistic Inner G January, 2017, and has also been part of a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bettering our community through philanthropic and volunteer opportunities since April, 2016.  Grateful for every opportunity to change a life, Kimika makes sure that every client is fully supported every step along their journey to optimal health and wellness, creating the best of client-mentor relationships.