Three “Magic” Words To Eliminate Negative And Limiting Beliefs

Three “Magic” Words To Eliminate Negative And Limiting Beliefs


It’s been said that the average person has somewhere along the lines of 1,000 to 10,000 negative thoughts in one day. 

That’s a lot of negativity to deal with, and the common solutions like, “just think positively” often don’t work as well or as quickly as we’d like. 

So in this article, I’d like to offer you three “magic” words that will melt limiting beliefs and self-talk away like butter in a red hot frying pan and turn your mental stumbling blocks into stepping stones to your success.

The “Magic” Words Revealed: “Up Until Now.”

Let’s say you are in sales, and your limiting belief is, “I just can’t call on the big accounts.” 

Using the “magic words” you would say, “Up until now I didn’t call on the big accounts.”

To add to the positive momentum, you would then say something like, “ And now I am becoming a master at calling on the big accounts.”

A Closer Look At the Magic

Let’s take a closer look at what we are doing here and how the three “magic words” work. 

First and foremost, we create and stay in rapport with our unconscious mind, and show respect for it by acknowledging that, yes, in the past, we have had a problem.  

If we just go for the positive belief first, as in “I am great at calling on big accounts,” then we are going to run into a big problem. 

You see, your unconscious mind is going to think, “Wait a second. I’ve got thousands of memories of this guy/gal not calling on the big accounts.”

What will happen then?

It will reject the positive belief and fight against it by bringing up all the memories of when you didn’t call on the big accounts. 

This will create a tremendous internal struggle that makes change much more difficult than it has to be. 

If you’ve ever felt, when you go to create personal change, that a part of you is fighting the other part, that is exactly what is happening. 

By saying “up until now,” we are showing respect for the unconscious by acknowledging that storehouse of negative memories and putting them in the past. 

This frees the unconscious of any need to resist. 

That gives it permission to open up all the neural pathways for the new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that will quickly bring you the results you even now are claiming for yourself. 

A Little More Magic For You

Now let’s circle back to our follow up sentence, which in this example is “And now I am becoming a master of calling on the big accounts.”

The key word here is “becoming.”   

The word “becoming” creates a dynamic vision of growth and blossoming rather than a static (and stagnant) statement about your identity. 

This leaves room for learning new skills and gracefully arriving at your desired destination.