Three Things To Leverage When Scaling Your Brand

Three Things To Leverage When Scaling Your Brand


Hello again! If you know me or heard other people talk about me, then you already know I am everyone's Auntie. People say it all the time, "Oh, you must meet Auntie Mary." I never realized that being "Auntie Mary" was going to be a brand. I never even thought about a brand. However, since I first started introducing myself as Auntie Mary last year, I now realize that I have been scaling my branding all along.

After you read this, you will now know three new things to leverage to scale your brand.

Leverage Your Mentor

During a mastermind session with my mentor, I was able to bounce around ideas of how to host events that would help to scale my book, "Letters to Me. Life Lessons I Wish I Knew." Those mastermind sessions led to hosting a Winter Gala with our Young Entrepreneur Society students since the book distributed throughout the high schools.

By leveraging your mentor, you will get ideas that you haven't thought of. You will learn new avenues that will help you scale your brand. Last, you will get feedback on what your brand looks like from an outside perspective.

Leverage Your Network

Leveraging your network can be as simple as sharing your thoughts and ideas with the people that know, like, and trust you. By sharing the projects that I am currently working on, many people within my network have led me to other great people in their network. This has led to new authors that love what the Auntie Mary brand stands for, and they also want to contribute their life lessons to our younger generations.

I encourage you to leverage your network by reaching out and genuinely building up the relationships. If you leverage your network, word of mouth is going to be your best and most effective way to scale your brand organically.

Leverage Your Community

Leverage the community that you are in. One of the ways we continue to grow the Auntie Mary brand is by being community-oriented and getting the locals involved and interested. We do this by reaching out to local professional organizations, libraries, and more. "Letters to Me" is also in public libraries. We host book readings within communities, and the parents and teachers love to attend, hear from the contributing authors while finding new ways for them to ALSO share the book and the Auntie Mary brand within their networks as well.

Bottom line, leveraging your community will give you a great start to be known locally, which can eventually scale your brand globally.

All in all, if you master leverage of these three things, you will be able to scale your brand and become a brand that people know, love, and trust.


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Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.