Three Ways to Avoid Destruction by Distraction as an Entrepreneur


The life of an entrepreneur comes with many freedoms. Time freedom is one of the biggest freedoms. No one tells us how we schedule our time. How we use it or abuse it has a significant impact on our success. In order to maximize your results, you must recognize the destructive distractions in your business and life.

Here are three tips you can implement to work smarter and more efficiently while increasing your productivity and reduce the number of work hours so you can enjoy the time freedom you’ve created by being your own boss. Staying on track is a key to your success.

1. Boundaries.

Time boundaries, physical boundaries, and energy boundaries. Set them! Time boundaries apply to your personal habits for success. Establish your working hours and stick to them. Stick to your working activities and away from personal activities during the time you plan. Dedicate your business development or work hours to work.

Physical boundaries. If you choose to work where there are people and noises that distract you, you will fall out of focus. Be careful where you choose to work. Find places free from distraction so you can get stuff done. Whatever location gives you energy and the ability to focus, go there and work.

And lastly, but very important, energy boundaries, which can tie the first two boundaries together. Energy vampires are rampant. Protect your mind and soul from people who are negative, complaining, shooting down your dreams. It’s challenging enough to do this thing called “entrepreneurship," surround yourself and your mind with uplifting, positive and inspiring people doing great things.

2. The Next Best Thing.

Avoid being distracted by the next best thing or opportunity that pulls you away from the THING that you are working on until it’s complete. We may think we are excellent multi-taskers, but science has proven no one is actually effective at anything while doing more than one thing at a time. Choose your business, build it, stay on task, focus and follow through before you begin chasing the next bright shiny object. Build an empire on a solid foundation, not on sinking sand. When you are offered the opportunity to “take a look" or “give someone your opinion,” graciously thank them and file it until after you have developed a level of success and income generation from the project you are currently building and working in.

3. Comparisons.

Don’t waste time comparing your success, your journey, your website, your materials, your anything to a fellow entrepreneur. There is nothing more attractive than authenticity, so just be you. Allow your business and success to unfold the way it is meant to and manifest how you want your life and business to evolve.

We are faced daily with hundreds, if not thousands, of potential distractions which will derail our lives and businesses if we allow them. Your focus is your best friend. Stay the course and do not get distracted.

Chris Kelly


Chris Kelly A manifesting boss babe and international life coach for entrepreneurs. She helps clients clean up their personal life distractions so they can create, manifest and live a life they love while pursuing their business adventures. As seen on/in HuffPost, The Seattle Times, RedTricycle, The Swaddle by MIC and the author of three books.